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In the first chapter of the book, the author focuses on the setting in which the story takes place and the setting is wartime. In the next…
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Short summary
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Book Summary A Farewell To Arms Chapter 12 The novel d “A Farewell To Arms” was ed by Ernest Hemingway and was published during the period of 1929 (Hemingway 10). In the first chapter of the book, the author focuses on the setting in which the story takes place and the setting is wartime. In the next chapter the author reveals that the story is taking place during World War I and in this chapter the author starts revealing the main characters of the novel. In the third chapter the characters and the narrator have returned to the battleground where they discuss what they did during their leave. In the fourth chapter it is revealed that the narrator is basically heading ambulatory services in the war and in this chapter he pays visit to a nurse named Miss Barkley and both of them discuss the war and their stories. In the next chapter the narrator experiences bombs dropping near him and these bombs have been fired by the Austrians and towards the end of the chapter he meets Miss Barkley and they both kiss. In the next chapter the first name of Miss Barkley is revealed and both the narrator and she talk while the narrator provides assurance to her that he really loves her. In the next chapter, the narrator helps an army man in obtaining leave from his duty. The narrator then thinks of having a sexual affair with Miss Barkley and decides to meet her. He fails to meet her and ends up feeling alone in the war zone.
In chapter eight, the narrator is heading towards a river where a nocturnal attack is being planned and on his way he stops to meet Miss Barkley where she gives him a medal of the Saint Anthony. At the river Henry and other ambulance drivers hide while discussing about the reason for the war and towards the end of the chapter their hideout is bombarded in which Henry experiences injuries and one of his teammate ends up experiencing death. In the ninth chapter the narrator is informed that Italians have succeeded in the war and this happens when he is hospitalized and later he is informed that Miss Barkley will soon visit him. During chapter eleven, the narrator is visited by the priest and the priest informs him about his disliking towards the war and lack of narrator’s religious beliefs. In the next chapter the narrator is visited by Rinaldi and a major where they all drink and he is informed about being moved to another hospital in Milan and is even informed that he will be able to meet Miss Barkley in that hospital.
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Hemingway, Ernest. A Farewell To Arms. New York: Scribner Classics, 1997. Print. Read More
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