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Information and Data Handling - Coursework Example

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In the paper “Information and data handling” the author examines the hypothesis behind the data handling based on the budget that his family have in regards to the needs that his family need to curb for the purpose of better life. The decision towards the area author’s family is to live in London…
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Information and Data Handling
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Extract of sample "Information and Data Handling"

Download file to see previous pages My work however, which includes accessing the better place my family is going to live in London will be availed in relation to the budget and the affordability of time both for me and my siblings attending schools and my father who need to catch up the train in time while going to work (Ladley, pp.45). However, choice of different methods for collecting data in regards to which place my family will live, either in Ealing or Slough, will be influenced by the strategies, variable, accuracy point and skills behind the data collection that I will avail. This however, will include the use of questionnaires, interviews, direct observation and reports that will give me direct measurements towards the acquisition of the better area my family is going to live.
 Questionnaires can be done online by the use of the school database system. I will engage and post questionnaires within my school account to reach my fellow students who leave either in Ealing or Slough to give verdict on how much renting a three bedroom house cost, the cost of transport to school, effectives in regards to time and general the cost of life in this two areas (Wheelan, pp. 14-25). In addition, direct observation can be of more help since travelling to these areas will give me a clue on how much it cost in transportation and living standards. This however, triggers the use of direct measurements and interviews aspect.  Collect data on the renting cost of 20 three bed roomed houses in Slough and Ealing. You will need to use Estate Agents Websites. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Information and Data Handling Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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