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How Eliezer's relations with his father changes throughout the novel - Essay Example

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His father is a very busy leader of the community who hardly has the time to interact with his son. Eliezer complains about his father’s alienation and feels that his father is…
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How Eliezers relations with his father changes throughout the novel
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Extract of sample "How Eliezer's relations with his father changes throughout the novel"

How the Relationship between Wiesel and His Son Eliezer Changes through the Novel Night Earlier in the novel, the relationship between Wiesel and his son Eliezer experiences obstacles. His father is a very busy leader of the community who hardly has the time to interact with his son. Eliezer complains about his father’s alienation and feels that his father is concerned with other people more than his own family: a feeling he has developed from as early as the age of two. He develops bitterness for his father for this lack of connection. Elie views the relationship with his father as a burden, which makes him develops a feeling of guilt (Wiesel 70). This lack of connection is evident when Wiesel dismissed his son’s idea to take his religion studies to greater or further exploration, claiming that he was too young.
However, all these changes when the family forcefully taken to a concentration camp, Auschwitz, during the Nazi period. The hard and unpleasant they experience changes Eliezer’s attitude against his father. They begin to take care of each other and he begins to view his father as a role model, someone he truly admires and fears to lose. When the order is issued to separate women and children (to the left) from fathers (to the right), Elizer joins his father who would have stayed alone had Elizer not joined him, despite his young age (Smith 117).
The father and son develop a strong bond following the horrors of war and conditions they are subjected to a t the concentration camps. The value their relationship and the once strained connections becomes that of understanding, love and care. As the situation gets worse, Elie feels strongly about not losing his father and upon the New Year, their relationship is completely transformed to that of closeness and protection (Bloom 106). They even figure ting out together and contemplate the future or no future together, as never before. He would not leave his father to die in the snow and kept on encouraging him that he will soon lie on the bed.
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