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Compare - Essay Example

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For writers, one of the best ways they have advocated for changed and expressed their opinions about happenings in the society is through the writing. There is therefore so much power in the pen and…
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Extract of sample "Compare"

Download file to see previous pages The premise of this essay is therefore to compare and contrast two works of literature, which are both fictional articles or short stories. Throughout the paper, the approaches used by the writers in expressing their opinions about issues of society are analyzed. This is done by looking very deep into the themes used by the writers and how the themes were effective in conveying the messages that writers needed to put across.
The two texts that are used in the essay are The Ingrate by Paul Laurence Dunbar and Tito’s Goodbye by Cristina Garcia. Very relatively, the themes used in these texts are very similar, given the fact that they all focused on the issues of law in one way or the other. In Tito’s Goodbye, the theme of advantageous injustice was looked at from a moral perspective, whereby the unfair actions of an attorney and how these turned to him in the long were was reviewed. Similarly The Ingrate looked at advantageous injustice from the perspective of slave trade by critiquing how slave masters took advantage of their slaves and treated them as less inferior people. As far as themes are concerned therefore, both texts were concerned with injustice in society and the end result of such acts. The writers were therefore able to send very strong moral lessons as to why injustice can never be justified in any context.
Even though the themes used in the two works were similar, the approaches to presenting them were slightly different. For example in The Ingrate, the theme of injustice is taken from a societal or communal perspective whiles in Tito’s Goodbye the same theme is taken from a personal or individualized perspective. This was the contrasting point in the two papers as far as the themes are concerned. Having said this, it would be noted that the two texts perfectly complement each other in terms of addressing the issue of injustice. The complementary nature of the two themes come in as the act of injustice is commonly seen to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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