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According to Gee Discourses are way of being in the world in that they forms of life which integrate acts, words, attitudes, social identities, beliefs and values, as well as gestures, body positions, glances and clothes. “discourse” with a small “d,” on the other hand,…
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Gee Response Question
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Gee response question According to Gee Dis s are way of being in the world in that they forms of life which integrate acts, words, attitudes, social identities, beliefs and values, as well as gestures, body positions, glances and clothes. “discourse” with a small “d,” on the other hand, means the connected stretches of language that make sense; hence, “discourse” forms a part of “Discourse.” Glee gives an example, of two women who are presented with stimulated job interviews the first woman uses wrong grammar for the type of middle-class interview although he dialect is perfect (Gee 6). The second woman expresses the wrong values in the interview although her grammar is good. Glee emphasizes that communication is more than language use whereby when using language people must write or say the right thing in the right way while at the same time playing the right social role.
Discourses are acquired through apprenticeship or by enculturation into social practices through supported interaction and being around people who have discourse. An example, of conflict in discourse is in the values and attitudes, as well as, interaction of people depending on how they acquired their discourse (Gee 7). Primary discourse is the first discourse people use to make sense of the world and interact with others. The distinction between dominant Discourse and non-dominant Discourse is that dominant Discourse allows people to acquire material things while non-dominant Discourse allows people to have a wider social network.
“mushfake” Discourse as defined by Mark is doing something less when in actual sense the real thing is not available (Gee 13). For example, when prisoners make hats out of underwear to protect their hair from lice. “Mushfake” Discourse, on the other hand, means partially acquiring meta-knowledge and strategies to make do. For example, editing a memo to ensure there are no errors such as possessive, plurals or third persons agreement.
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Gee, James P. "Literacy, Discourse and Linguistics." Journal of Education 171.1 (1989): 5-17. Web. Read More
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Gee Response Question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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