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Initial writing assessment - Essay Example

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Key among these prospects is the exploration of cultures other than one’s own, learning new thought patterns and behavioural tendencies, gaining skills that equip one for the global…
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Initial writing assessment
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Extract of sample "Initial writing assessment"

Initial Writing Assessment pursue international education to explore the wide array of opportunities it presents. Key among these prospects is the exploration of cultures other than one’s own, learning new thought patterns and behavioural tendencies, gaining skills that equip one for the global work environment, and improving cross-cultural proficiency. At a personal level, students that opt for international studies gain crucial exposure, which fosters their confidence and develops their perspective of global issues. This means that international scholars are better equipped for the increasingly interconnected contemporary world, compared to their counterparts who solely learn in their respective countries’ institutions. Despite the numerous opportunities, international students encounter distinctive challenges, which would potentially impede their level of fulfillment and satisfaction. This paper explores opportunities availed by international scholarship, potential challenges encountered by partisan students, and how the scholars can overcome the problems, in order to reap maximum benefits.
One of the principal opportunities for international students is the chance to broaden their cosmopolitan experience and to reinforce their cultural sensitivity. This chance stems from the fact that, within an international context, students interact with others from diverse social, national and cultural backgrounds in settings to which they are not accustomed (Ruiz, 2010, p.45). The other vital prospect of international education is that it allows students to explore a wide range of career options that apply to the global job market. International scholars often get prior consideration for exclusive job vacancies, since they are usually associated with attributes like adaptability and global experience. Language proficiency acquired in the global education context cannot be overlooked, as a unique opportunity for involved students. Such linguistic expertise is ascribable to learning globally acknowledged languages such as English and French, which enhance one’s communication ability and increases chances of a student working in equally diverse work environs. Most importantly, international students get a chance to broaden their social and professional networks while growing at a personal level (Ruiz, 2010, p. 45).
Even though international education affords students numerous growth opportunities at a personal and professional level, it is not devoid of challenges. A significant challenge faced by scholars that pursue this form of education is the inability to adapt to the new culture. For instance, students may not be accustomed to the eating, dressing, and entertainment habits in the new environment (Sherry, Thomas, and Chui, 2009, p.34). Poor acculturation leads to homesickness and poor academic performance in the long run. Further, international students may also find it difficult to adjust to learning approaches in their new institutions. This is especially the case for scholars attempting to adapt to western learning styles. In many cases, international scholars suffer significant language challenges that prevent them from interacting effectively with others and comprehending information conveyed to them in the course of learning. Inability to develop productive social relationships through creating friends is also a significant challenge to international students (Sawir, 2013, pp iii-iv).
Despite the many challenges, students can adopt several measures to capitalize on and succeed at international education. For example, in regard to scholars’ inability to adapt to new cultural norms, they should strive to engage in cross-cultural orientation programmes often offered by most learning institutions (Burdett and Crossman, 2012, p. 210). Such students must also make concerted efforts to create friends, like getting involved in campus activities. Newly acquired friends would help them learn more about cultural principles and other significant issues in the learning environment. International students should also show equal dedication to learning the common language and embracing the institution’s learning styles. This could involve utilizing the school’s research centres and academics acculturation programmes (Marginson, 2014, pp. 18-19) Embracing these adaptive measures would undoubtedly enable students to overcome learning challenges, hence benefitting optimally from international education.
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Initial Writing Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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