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The power to listen to other people is an essential process of understanding and solving various problems in life.
Wisdom requires that people…
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Creative narration
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The Unwise Doctor Introduction In life, there are different circumstances that we are faced with; these situations calls for our application of knowledge and wisdom. The power to listen to other people is an essential process of understanding and solving various problems in life.
Wisdom requires that people apply the knowledge they have in attending to various processes of life (Potts and Suzanne 27). Where wisdom is lacking, many problems and challenges arise that are irredeemable, like the case of the unwise doctor in the following narration.
The hospital experience
One day, Mr. Williamson was on his official duty in the Millennium Hospital attending to the health needs of various people. As good practice, all people that were coming had to queue in order to create and maintain order since the doctor did not have many aides; in fact, most of the people have health challenges that would not have required the doctor to have a nurse or anther aide.
When I arrived at the hospital, I found people calmly settled and having their health needs being attended to. Mr. Williamson winked when he saw me because we were great friends; I also worked in the same hospital but in a different department. Then as the process was smoothly taking place, something happened that disrupted the doctor. A small boy came running and shouting for the doctor’s attention, other people had tried to urge her to calm down first before raising her sentiments. However, the boy seemed to be in a much hurry and went on to shout for the attention of Mr. Williamson.
The Doctor’s Reaction
Mr. Williamson was always known to be an arrogant doctor especially to people that he thought were below her in terms of experience or on other careers. This ego made him shout back at the boy, urging him to make the queue and wait for is turn like any other people.
My efforts to have the doctor give the boy a minute because he may have wanted to communicate an emergency issue of concern. Persistent efforts of the people on the queue to make the boy explain his concerns bore not fruit because the boy insisted that he wanted to speak to Michael’s Father, who was Mr. Williamson.
Soon, the people on the queue were attended to; it was now the boy’s turn to have his issue addressed. I moved closer to listen to the boy’s concern because by this time, he was almost sobbing, with tears rolling down her chicks.
The real issue
The boy explained that the crocodile in the river that flowed behind the hospital had attacked Michael when they were playing and he had run to call for assistance from his father. The doctor was dumb-founded, lacking words to say, we rushed to the river only to find pools of blood on the riverbank with no sign of the child.
Mr. Williamson had to come to terms with the loss of his son, but had to learn an important lesson in life. That it is important to listen to people especially when the situation demands so. Had he listened to the boy in good time, he had saved the life of his son; this is something that many people do not have in life. Listening to others is an important attribute that indicates how wise people can be and helps to solve many unprecedented problems (Martin 36).
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