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It is exciting to be able to experience another place, people, and culture, but the coping that comes with it is really difficult. I have experienced these…
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Reflective/Exploratory Essay
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Download file to see previous pages I really needed that book because it talks about how to effectively cope with a new environment and how to fight depression and anxiety when uncertain knocks. I will discuss two conflicts here. The first one is the feeling of un-belongingness, of being invisible. I am new to the place and the people and so my social network was exactly zero. The second conflict is the difficulty of living alone or being independent in an unfamiliar place. Of course, it is easy to be independent if you know the place and the people, but if not, I tell you now, it is fraught with challenges.
When I came in this place I was both excited and worried. I feel excitement because I will be experiencing a totally new place and have the opportunity to get to know or get along with different people. I am worried, on the other hand, because being a freshman involves hard challenges and I am anxious whether I will be able to overcome them. And so, what I did at first was to research thoroughly about the place, the neighborhood, and the university. My first impression of the place was good. It is clean, rustic, and quiet. I love quiet places because I am fond of meditating. The people, as well, are friendly. But of course, there is still much work to be done to be familiar with them. Location was one of my priorities when deciding what university I will go to. And I believe I did not make a mistake of choosing this place. However, it is a different thing in my university. Making friends there is a lot more difficult than getting acquainted with my neighbors.
I find it difficult to make friends with my classmates because I do not know how to communicate with them, or how to start a conversation. I do not know how people do it in college. And then, one day, I remembered about the book Never Give Up. It says there that people can by trying or difficult to deal with, but it is really all up to you how you will react ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective/Exploratory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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