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The Corporation board has set up the culture of improving the employees’ skills and potential by encouraging continuation of formal education. It is evident that the Corporation…
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Business Commutations
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First Writing Rogers Corporation is a company that has the vision of growing with time in the business world. The Corporation board has set up the culture of improving the employees’ skills and potential by encouraging continuation of formal education. It is evident that the Corporation embraces its employees to pursue job-related self-improvement courses at their own time. The formal education is first classified as the courses taught in the learning institutions. The corporation believes that this type of education will enable employees to achieve improved performances. Also, it will prepare employees for future positions with greater responsibility.
The problem with the culture is that part time employees are not eligible as its only full-time employees who work 40 hours a week. Another problem encountered is some employees may want to do courses in unaccredited institutions. The management at times gets some hard times as employees may choose courses that are not aligned with their profession. Rogers Corporation has come up with the solutions to these challenges. One is that the tuition assistance program will be suitable to the employees that will have worked for 90 days. The institutions where the employees are to take their courses it must be accredited for quality purposes. To curb irrelevant courses the employee’s department manager must pre-approve the courses to be done. It is apparent that employees who do well in the courses tend to have a positive impact in the company due to the skills obtained.
Second Writing:
Rogers Corporation has embraced a tuition assistance program for their employees to have that competitive edge in the business world. The formal education taken by the employees is also classified as online courses and special technical courses that are not offered by higher education institution. The reason Rogers Corporation encourages such courses is for the employees to be empowered with more skills that will upgrade the performance of the company in service delivery. Also, it helps the employees to be diverse and ready for the future positions they will hold. The employees also get to add value in the decisions they make at their departments.
One problem that is expected is that some employees may claim that they will spend much on the books and course related materials. The corporation has set up a cover to the books and course related materials. As for those employees who find it difficult to go back and study. The Corporation is to provide $5000 in reimbursement for completed courses as a motivation. One similarity of special technical courses and those courses offered by education institutions is they both are both approved by the manager. Also, an employee must earn a minimum of grade C to receive a reimbursement. The contrast is that the special technical courses are not offered by higher education institutions. Read More
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Business Commutations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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