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Araby - Essay Example

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A glimpse of her was enough for him to forget about bustling surroundings likewise; her thoughts occupied her day and night. From the very first…
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Extract of sample "Araby"

Number] Araby by James Joyce Define narrator’s feeling for Mangan’s Sister, to what extent is she the cause of those feeling? What does he see in her?
As a young boy and highly infatuated by his friend Magman’s sister; narrator calls his feeling for the girl as confused adoration. A glimpse of her was enough for him to forget about bustling surroundings likewise; her thoughts occupied her day and night. From the very first time on her doorstep and till later; every morning narrator pictures her each appearance in his life in an elaborative manner.
“When she came out of the doorstep my heart leaped ” (Joyce, 2).
He is able to observe peculiar details of her like the way her dress and hair swing around her petite brown figure, her manners, gestures and words. Her presence changed atmosphere around the narrator; as if nothing matter, but her. Her gestures and softly spoken words were romance running in his blood. The more he saw her every morning, the stronger his adoration became.
“Yet her name was like a summons to all my foolish blood ” (Joyce,2).
When the first time they spoke, narrator knew nothing of the world and what mattered was her wish for him to visit Araby Bazar. From then onwards, narrator could not study or do any work, but to think to please his loved one and get a present for her from Araby. The zeal was to fulfil lover’s desire at any cost, as she was the sole and significant sentimental attachment in his life. With great patience narrator’s waits for the time to go to Araby to please his lover, but to his dismay all occasions turned against him and he comes back empty handed, which was a big failure for him as he is a sentimental and passionate lover who couldn’t stand to disappoint his love (Joyce).
Work Cited:
Joyce, James. Araby. N.p., 2014. Web. 10 Oct. 2014. Read More
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