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Problems with alcohol lead to various difficulties in personal and public life of individuality, what is more health problems are unavoidable I such case. Mass media and…
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Rappinit up
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Restricting Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages The alcohol addiction is considered to bea significant problem for a number of segments of society. Problems with alcohol lead to various difficulties in personal and public life of individuality, what is more health problems are unavoidable I such case. Mass media and advertising perform a highly important role in modern society. People are under influence of this consuming culture and in present-day world this impact is ineluctable. What is about the problem of advertising in the area of alcohol usage? Different researches are made upon the question of advertising alcoholic beverages, and its influence on people’s life. Advantages and disadvantages are straightforwardly represented in the dimension of this question.
Passage One names “Alcoholic Beverage Advertising Should Be Restricted” is introduced by Laurie Leiber contains a number of advantages concerning the question of restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages. He suggests the idea that alcohol-industry representatives usually claims that there are no connection between usage of alcohol and its advertising. Still, there are a number of facts that prove an opposing idea. Leiber refers to researches that demonstrate the harmful connection between alcohol usage and its advertisements. He introduces the investigation by Joel W. Grube and Lawrence Wallack that suggests the idea “that awareness of TV beer commercials leads to favorable beliefs about drinking in children 10 to 12 years old and increases their intention to drink as adults” (Leiber, n.p.). In addition, the information about alcohol-related motor-vehicle deaths “with quarterly measures for broadcast advertising in 75 media markets over a three-year period” (Leiber, n.p.) is admonished the tendency of supporting the restriction of alcohol beverages advertising.
The second passage under consideration is represented by Robert A. Levy, and named “Alcohol Ads Do Not Promote Underage Drinking” suggests the idea that there is a number of more influencing factors concerning the increase of alcohol usage than the advertisements. He pays attention to the problem of underage consumption of alcoholic beverages. Levy introduces the concept about “the doctrine of personal accountability” and “the insidious notion that you can engage in risky behavior, then force someone else to pay for your mistakes” (n.p.). The idea that this message is more essential for the problem of usage alcohol by juvenile than any advertisement at all is appeared straightforwardly.
Taking into account all suggested information it should be concluded that advertisement of alcohol beverages should be restricted. The opinion of Levy is purposeful to some extent, and personal consciousness with recognition of this problem with all its implications is important. Still, the restriction of advertisement is not regarded as an incorrect step in the dimension of prevention of alcohol usage. Moreover, the number of researches accentuates the deleterious effect of advertisements in accordance to this particular problem.
Reference List:
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