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Easy A - Essay Example

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This paper, Easy A, outlines that there are a number of differences between the reviews done by Mike Ward and Stephen Holden on the movie “Easy A”. One of the differences is that Stephen Holden focuses on comparing the movie to other movies…
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Easy A
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Extract of sample "Easy A"

There are a number of differences between the reviews done by Mike Ward and Stephen Holden on the movie “Easy A”. One of the differences is that Stephen Holden focuses on comparing the movie with other movies of its sort while Mike Ward decides to use the movie to show the flaws that are common in the society. Another difference is that Stephen chooses to use proper English in the reflection of what takes place in the movie. Mike, on the other side chooses to use slang which is what is used in most parts of the movie. Mike gives credit for the production of the movie by comparing it to some of the movies of its sort that were produced before it. Stephen asserts that despite being an entertaining movie, “Easy A” is nowhere near being as good as some of the movies that had been produced before such as “clueless” (Holden). While Stephen chooses to stick to using English grammar properly Mike ignores some of the English grammar standards. For example, in Mike article there miss use of capital letters when he talks about, “She pins a scarlet ‘A’ on her new Hot Topic wardrobe” (Ward).
Looking at the two articles you will easily notice that the two writers were targeting different audiences. This can be seen in the choice of language. In Stephen’s article you will notice that his choice of language targets an older audience especially parents. Mike, on the other hand, seems to target a much younger audience, especially those of age around 16 years. This is because they are the ones who are familiar with the type of language used.
Work cited
Holden, Stephen. “Being Naughty to Be Nice, as the Rumor Mill Awaits.” The New York Times.
Ward, Mike.“'Easy A' Review.” Read More
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Easy A Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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