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Journal 11 - Assignment Example

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The American story is very interesting as its opening theme is filled with ambiance of the environment as the author describes the rolling waves, fog rise and the crowd hurrying to meet the docking ship. The author describes the America that he expected to see, live at he…
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Journal 11
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Download file to see previous pages ed as a scene of quietness come while it rains, the book describes Anna and the narrator caring for each other based on the way she sleeps at her feet and the kiss she gets on her lips and forehead as well as playing with her fine golden hair. The new thing they claim to have discovered is the new America, the America they expect to have after the ancient time, they were very happy to think of seeing the beautiful America, this can be shown in the play as they both shout loudly and laughing as they walked in the street.
The narrator goes ahead and describes how in the past there were ships ferrying people from one corner of America to Europe and to other parts of America, this shows the love and wish that he has for America in the new world. This is cited from the play where it is written “a profusion of memories rise up in him, and how he once saw large ships with advertising billboard and having stepped nearer read: from Liverpool to New York-from Bremen to New York.”
The narrator introduces Columbus in the story as one person who was not aware of if he was among the people who discovered America. (Spack &Ruth, P.157). He portrays Columbus as a poor in ideas, this cited from the story when the narrator write, “I was unable to imagine Columbus standing with a sorrowful glance at the coast of his discovered world, putting on his top hat and shaking his head disappointedly”.
Columbus was treated as a hero, but little did the world know that America had existed before. The narrators concludes the story by describing the type of America he wishes to have but not the one claimed to be discovered by Columbus, he goes ahead and state that “ I’m in the wrong America and perhaps dreaming about the sweet, fragrant America of time. And that has passed for several years” he thinks that something has ultimately gone wrong somewhere and needs to get it corrected but not aware how that he could correct that. It is cited in the narration when he writes, “a pain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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