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The Great Wall of China - Essay Example

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The Great Wall of China is regarded as one of the wonders of the world which was built across the northern borders of China is to protect the Empire of China against the intrusion of enemy forces. The development of The Great Wall of China helped to provide a barrier between…
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The Great Wall of China
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Download file to see previous pages The wall is built by Qin Shi Huang. Some of the additional purpose of The Great Wall of China includes encouragement of trade, border controls, control of emigration and permitting the imposition of duties on goods which are transported. Moreover, the defensive features of the wall is enhanced and developed by the construction of signaling capabilities, troop barracks and watch towers.
(A) The Great Wall of China is viewed as one of the most recognizable symbol in the history of China. The best-preserves sector and best-known parts was built at the time of 17th century A.D. Moreover, the construction of The Great Wall of China has never entirely prevented invaders from entering in the area of China. But this vivid and long history of The Great Wall provided a psychological barrier between the world and Chinese civilization. The construction projects of the wall remained as a powerful symbol for entire country by enduring strength.One of the causes that led to the construction of The Great Wall is constant attack from the Mongol horde. At the time of Southern Song Dynasty, a new breed of ferocious warriors has evolved is china known as the Mongols. These ferocious steppe warriors were commanded by the one of the legendary Genghis Khan. This legendary great Khan came in to prominence by the unification of many nomadic tribes. These tribes are basically from northeastern part of Asia.
The formation of Mongolian Empire developed in to the major contiguous empire. Northern states have been united by the Mongolian Empire to create a well-organized, large and formidable group of military that was capable of frightening the whole empire of China. At the time of Mongolian Empire the wall was easy for warriors to overcome as it was largely earthen walls. In 1211, Genghis khan and inner Mongolian hordes could easily overcome the significant fortification and pass ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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