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Nowadays, more people have tattoos and piercings; hence this is a common sight, unlike in the past, where tattoos and piercings were common only among celebrities and sports stars. People have different reasons why they…
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What you think about tattoos and piercings
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Tattoos and Piercings Tattoos and piercings are a form of body modifications. Nowadays, more people have tattoos and piercings; hence this is a common sight, unlike in the past, where tattoos and piercings were common only among celebrities and sports stars. People have different reasons why they decide to get tattoos and piercings. While others do it for self-expression, others do it just because they can. Additionally, people have different opinions about tattoos and piercings. In my opinion, I consider tattoos and piercings to be undesirable, even though these might enhance the beauty of the person having them.
There are different reasons why I consider tattoos and piercings as undesirable. First, these are costly. In order to get yourself tattoos and piercings from qualified professionals, it will cost a considerable amount of money. If there are other more important things to do with one’s money, an individual would reconsider spending money on getting a tattoo or body piercing.
Tattoos are also undesirable since they are permanent. When one gets the first tattoo or body piercing, they will be motivated to get some more. This has resulted to some people having their bodies covered by tattoos. Since these are permanent, removing them is quite challenging. If one wants them to be removed, he or she will equally spend more money paying specialists to remove the tattoos. Furthermore, tattoos and piercings are painful. This is mainly during the process of tattooing and piercing. No one wants to feel pain. Therefore, I do not consider the pain of getting a tattoo or piercing to be worthwhile. Equally, the process of removing a tattoo is also more painful.
Finally, tattoos and piercings might expose an individual to the risk of diseases, such as HIV/AIDS. However, this depends on who performed the tattooing and where it was performed. This is because; needles or sharp instruments are used on an individual during piercing and tattooing. Therefore, failure to clean and sterilize needles, might lead to the infection with diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Nonetheless, each person has their likes and dislikes; and this is to some extent influenced by their culture. Therefore, even though I dislike tattoos and piercings, I understand and appreciate those people that adore them, hence this is not a major issue to me. Read More
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