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Post 5 - Coursework Example

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In order to understand the idea of marriage beyond Western’s notion of romantic love, we have to get an in-depth understanding of the Indian society and the concept of their marriages. In India people believe that arrange marriage is more successful than the one, which they…
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Post 5
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The Idea of Marriage: A Critical Reflection In order to understand the idea of marriage beyond Western’s notion of romantic love, we have to get an in-depth understanding of the Indian society and the concept of their marriages. In India people believe that arrange marriage is more successful than the one, which they called a “love match”. In India people perceive marriage in a different perspective; they believe that marriage is not merely a bond or building up a relation between two individuals rather it is the formation of a relation between two families. There is a high importance of families in the Indian culture. The most important factor that is considered when arranging a marriage in India is the reputation of the family. It is evaluated that marriages can be arranged only if both the families have a same socio-economical status. The other factor includes the education, appearance, attitude and behavior of the bride and groom. Unlike the western society, a high level of care is exercised by the parents in selecting an appropriate mate for their children, as stated by Serena Nanda’s friend “you American wants everything done so quickly, you get married quickly and then just as quickly get divorced. Here we take marriage more seriously. We must take all the factors into account. It is not enough for us to learn by our mistakes. This is too serious a business. If a mistake is made we have not only ruined the life of our son or daughter, but we have spoiled the reputation of our family as well. And that will make it much harder for their brothers and sisters to get married. So we must be very careful” (Nanda).
Research has evaluated that there are a number of advantages in the concept of arrange marriage because most of the Indian couple are living a successful life after their arrange marriages, however on the other side the only disadvantage with the arrange marriage is that, both the groom and bride are not provided enough time before their marriage to understand each other and their natures.
Lassiter’s defined the concept of family and kinship as a situation where different people, whether directly or indirectly related to each other live together, he called kinship as a network of relatives. The network of relatives can be established through exercising marriages between the matrilineal and patrilineal descent of the family. He explained the marriages of individuals with their direct cousins, i.e. in a matrilineal descent system with the children of the mother’s sister’s children and similarly in the patrilineal decent system with the brother’s children, as Endogamy. Whereas, marriages with all other individuals are termed as Exogamy. However, incest taboo refers to the marriages/ sex between people considered kin.
It has been evaluated that in our families the concept of exogamy is common because people want to lead their lives independently. Lassiter’s states “ In American culture today incest is commonly defined as having sexual relations with someone closely related, for example a parent, sibling, uncle, cousin, grandparent and aunt, etc…” (Lassiter) . Therefore, in the American culture, people are more interested in the concept of exogamy for their marriages and so as the culture of our family.
Nanda, Serena. Cultural Anthropology. 1st ed. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth Pub. Co., 1991. Print.
Lassiter, Luke Eric. Invitation To Anthropology. 1st ed. Lanham: AltaMira Press, 2008. Print. Read More
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Post 5 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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