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Paragraph of Written Material: Selected Topic “Education priority is given to male in third world countries” and take various people with their opinion on the subject. Based on the data collected series of questions may be asked in true and false form. The data is same and…
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Interpretive Exercise 25th Sep, Interpretive Exercise Paragraph of Written Material: Selected Topic “Education priority is given to male in third world countries” and take various people with their opinion on the subject. Based on the data collected series of questions may be asked in true and false form. The data is same and can be utilized to study the application of data and to identify the relationships within the given information.
Picture or Cartoon: Pictures can be taken with respect to the war events and maps of world war I and can construct a interpretive exercise with respect to multiple choice questions. These pictures can be used to build a series of event that might have taken before, during and after the war. It can be a representation of the history in pictorial form.
Chart or Graph: Charts and graphs can be taken with respect to GDP growth over 5 years of developed and developing countries. These can be used to build a link between the factors that have an impact on the GDP and how the growth differs in the two economies. Different graphs of similar nature can be helpful in interpretation of data.
Essay Question and Scoring Rubric: The essay question is to study the GDP of various developed and developing economies. Accordingly we will use three scales and ask various question which could include either one, two are all three statements in the answer. The statement would stand true or false in respect to the three statements mentioned.

Irons, Daniel Housten and Dr. Jerry. Interpretive Exercises. 2014. 2014 . Read More
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