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I have always had the predisposition to believe in the overall goodness of man, my parents had brought me up to always cherish some of the simple human virtues of truth and honesty. As a child, I never fathomed that it was possible for individuals to live in contrast to these…
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Narrative essay
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Download file to see previous pages However, all this stated to slowly change as we entered middle school and then went on to proceed through junior school and eventually into high school.
Although I considered myself to be socially outgoing, I had never perceived myself to be the most popular kid in school. I had a number of friends but these friends were largely classified as nerds. When we hanged out together, we were able to find comfort and solace in our belief that although we were not quite as popular as some of the other kids, we were nevertheless definitely much more smarter than them. Elementary and middle school can be a tough learning ground for most kids and unfortunately, this held true for my case as I somehow managed to attract the unwanted attentions of Johnny, a kid that I still consider as having been one of the most infamous school bullies of our time.
It was hard for me to reconcile the virtue ethics that had been methodically drilled into me by my parents and what I saw as Johnny’s seriously twisted virtues. I found myself unable to grasp and understand the possibility of a person going through life while being mean to others. At times after I had had particularly nasty run-ins with Johnny at school, I cry and blame myself for all the bullying I was receiving. I believed that if I was just a little bit taller, more good looking and just a tad more popular, Johnny would respect me and would not pick on me constantly.
Gradually, I started changing and dropped some of the virtue ethics that had been instilled in me since I was young. In my immature and childlike reasoning, I supposed that if I dressed differently, behaved a little more tough and started picking on kids smaller than myself, I would earn the respect that I believed was due to me. My perspective on the twin virtues of honesty and truth started to change as I started believing that in the real world, these virtues were actually working against ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Narrative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 3.
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