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Descriptive Analysis Paper. I Chose Option #3 On my assignment Which I will scan to you and have it forwarded - Essay Example

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My journey back to the teenage I had at Andover is full of happiest and nostalgic times. This town of Massachusetts with its historical…
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Descriptive Analysis Paper. I Chose Option #3 On my assignment Which I will scan to you and have it forwarded
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Extract of sample "Descriptive Analysis Paper. I Chose Option #3 On my assignment Which I will scan to you and have it forwarded"

Download file to see previous pages At this point I can relate with Anne Hood who took the same exit – “I took Exit 12, the same exit I have taken to go home since I got my driving license in 1972” (Hood, 239). Andover is the place where I first got to interact with the people of US in the second language from The Andover High School, my first English school which lay to the right as I drove down the Bartlett street. It is here that I mastered the English language after persistent effort of 13months. I quickly mastered the words “Hello”, “Thank You”, “Bathroom” and “Water”. I felt like I was on another planet. I got to see the first snowstorm here. Despite being a migrant to Andover, the six years’ stay here has helped me embrace this place as a ‘SECOND REAL HOME’, polished/upgrade my skills and brought me where I am today and established some strong lifetime connects.
Moving into the town of Andover played a big role in connecting with my dad and mom. My parents’ business was the reason why I came here apart from the fact that my parents wanted to provide me with better education. My parents wanted to shift their business here and this also enabled me to gain some practical insights into the economic and business world and I became more connected to my grandparents. My mom mostly, understood that she needed to connect more to me because I was her son and here she stayed at home most of the time. My mother helped me with my creative writing assignments in school, debates and projects. I most of art projects I achieved A-grade because of the mother’s unique ideas which she also used in the interior decoration works of their business. This is the place that taught me different sports, developed special interest in soccer, interact with the neighborhood friends and the way to apply my creative mind for constructive purpose.
Back in Taipei, I was not the type of person who loved to read I never enjoyed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Descriptive Analysis Paper. I Chose Option #3 On My Assignment Which I Essay.
“Descriptive Analysis Paper. I Chose Option #3 On My Assignment Which I Essay”, n.d.
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