The Classic Style in Mississippi and Innocents Abroad - Essay Example

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The essay "The Classic Style in Mississippi and Innocents Abroad" describes that writers in Mississippi and innocents abroad practice the classic style in their articles. For instance, Mark Twain is one of the writers abroad that employ this type of writing. Comparably, classic style employs equity between the writer and audience. …
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The Classic Style in Mississippi and Innocents Abroad
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THE IC STYLE IN MISSISSIPI AND INNOCENTS ABROAD To be specific, ic writing style enables to be precise and clear in the way of presenting information to readers. Classic style is concerned with values of specific audience like employers, professors, and other eminent persons that need information from an educated college student (Loewe par. 2). In many occasions, classic style is the preferred style since it makes people earn frequently than the school style. Writers in Mississippi and innocents abroad practice the classic style in their articles. For instance, Mark Twain is one of the writers abroad that employ this type of writing.
Comparably, classic style employs equity between the writer and audience. The writer is equal to the task and delivers as if he is part of theaudience. In school style, the writer and the audience are never equal (Loewe par. 4). The writer is to perform a task as a duty but not out of interest and willingness to do so. For instance, it is a rule to fill the required number of pages while writing in school type. Classic style therefore enables the writer to take part in facilitating a character trait in a piece of work. Mark Twain in his book describes himself from page to page and the readers fill like taking part in his life. The readers are able to share the understanding that the writer has over an article for the sole purpose of lucidity, confidence, and wish.
It is also clear that use of classic style involves more fun since it is done out interest but not writing to fulfill a task given. Mark Twain shares his views of Mississipiriver in a hilarious way that one cannot imagine to hate the book ( Loewe par. 6). Effectively, the readers who pin point the weaknesses determine performance of the writer. A person writes what he can only read and avoids what he cannot read and understand to enhance his clarity and relevance. There is nothing regrettable that is, not a magic bullet in classic writing. A person is able to revise his work and identifies the mistakes, he also finds out the topic discussed to maintain the relevance of the article. Loewe (par. 5) opines that classic writing does not subject the writers to skim over the topic simply because of clarity but warrants a chance to observe effective communication skills to deliver to different audience. The writer becomes the primary source of information hence trust and reliability remains the main pillars of a credible writer.In conclusion, it is therefore clear that people living along Mississippi river and abroad use classic style to write their articles.
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