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Money and Life - Movie Review Example

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Why do they have such power in our life?. How does money shape your life?” When did we become “fixed on money”? What is peoples attitude towards money? Does it really bring us happiness and security? (Teague, 2013). These and many other money-related…
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Money and Life
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Download file to see previous pages She peels back the history of our financial tangle, tells the story of people drowning in debt, reveals our perplexity and presents possibilities for an economy rooted in love and nature... With the old stories and systems falling apart, this film arrives at the perfect moment to help us bless and release the lies weve lived and simply move on”. Also, it is worth noting that in general the film is high quality and aesthetically beautiful work. Although, the basic idea and argumentation in it, to my mind, is rather weak.
In her documentary, Kate Teague explores the poignant meaning and “irresistible” power of money in our life, sources of debts, outlines the distinguishing moments in the history of money, refers to the functioning and organization of the national monetary system, banking activities, sources and nature of economic crisis. Filmmaker offers a fresh view on the economic crisis as an “opening” and “opportunity” towards saving oneself from the monetary “addiction”. Finally, a new perspective on treating money is given. It is believed that money, which, by the way, was “invented” by people, originally served “as a medium of exchange in the agreement with the community” and was intended “to help people realize their interdependence”. Thus, Teague highlights that it is not the people that should serve money, but vice versa – money should be a medium, never a final destination. Kate Teague (2013) calls everyone to rethink the role of money in the life of individual, community, country and planet: “We need to examine our relationship with money and gain a deeper understanding of our economic pain as individuals, as a country and as people of the earth. To understand the fundamentals of money so we could “reclaim life from the rule of money” (Teague, 2013).
However, as it was mentioned, the main idea of the film is generally vague. For example, the author suggests the way out from “the rule of money” through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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