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Cheating in the Coca-Cola's advertisement - Essay Example

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Product promotion is one of the important functions of a company’s marketing department, without which it would be hard for consumers to be aware about availability of certain products, their prices and other important features. Advertising is therefore an essential activity…
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Cheating in the Coca-Colas advertisement
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Extract of sample "Cheating in the Coca-Cola's advertisement"

Download file to see previous pages One of the important skills in creating advertisement messages by companies is the use of a language that consumers are able to understand. This way, they are able to be convinced and persuaded to buy and test particular company products. This paper examines some of the language that is being used by Coca-Cola Company in advertising its products worldwide, it deconstructs the particular the language used, seeking to evaluate their effectiveness and impacts on customer behavior.
In modern times, we live in a consumer world, the purchase patterns and behavior of consumers is not that they buy goods because they need them; rather, it is because of the utility its because of the pleasure and utility that is expected from them. In addition, the things that we purchase to portray the picture we are, in most cases, people link the things that have to what they do.
Consumers spend most of their time desiring products that are perceived to have certain levels of utility. As soon as consumers get what they were longing to have, they have many other substitutes for them, for this reasons, consumers needs are usually described as being unlimited (Stachowski 67). On the other hand, producers are always aware of this phenomenon; they make products and do all they can to persuade consumers to buy as many goods as they can in order to make profits.
Producers use a special language in order to inform, persuade and influence our buying patterns; this kind of communication that they use to influence consumers purchasing decisions is referred to as advertisement. Advertisement is a business on its own; it has to be creatively designed to engage customers in its communication. Advertisements are common on billboards, journals, internet and other forms of electronic platforms; they part of the consumers’ daily life. Successful companies are those that have clearly defined advertisements and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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