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Forum 5 and providing with suggestions for their papers to your peers - Assignment Example

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A tentative thesis for the first essay is that although freedom to express oneself is limited by regulations and laws, the freedom of choice empowers a person to reject the immoral control and make decision based on their personal responsibility. In the novel, my peers need to…
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Forum 5 and providing with suggestions for their papers to your peers
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Download file to see previous pages The Capitol, who steered the game, thought that Katniss is a poor child just like the rest. The poverty of Katniss proves to be strength and a weakness to her. Due to lack of privilege, she learned various skills that were important in the arena. Some of the outright skills were gathering and hunting capabilities. She also commented on how to manage hunger compared to those that lived in luxurious suburbs.
Based on the thesis statement, I would say that money do not give power, rather it gives the power idea. This is because the author has stated this fact in the entire book and offered the reader to think. Katniss started rebelling against the capitol when she said, ““`Trust me, ` I whisper. He holds my gaze for a long moment then lets me go. I loosen the top of the pouch and pour a few spoonful of berries into his palm. Then I fill my own. `On the count of three? `” (Collins, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Forum 5 and Providing With Suggestions for Their Papers to Your Peers Assignment.
“Forum 5 and Providing With Suggestions for Their Papers to Your Peers Assignment”, n.d.
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