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Environment does/does not make people who they are - Essay Example

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The reason for this has to do with the fact that these arguments have been made and presented by hundreds of different scholars; each with their own points of view and own…
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Environment does/does not make people who they are
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Extract of sample "Environment does/does not make people who they are"

Arguing against whether nurture or nature defines human psychology is something of a futile approach. The reason for this has to do with the fact that these arguments have been made and presented by hundreds of different scholars; each with their own points of view and own distinct methods of argumentation. As such, it is clear to the casual observer that both environment and nature play a distinctive role in determining the type of person one will become. One of the articles read to inform this particular piece of research was that of Gloria Steinam’s piece entitled “A Balance Between Nature and Nurture” (Steinam 3). Within this piece of research, Steinam denotes the fact that both nature and nurture play a powerful and definitive role in defining the individual and their life experience/world view. In tandem with this, the 1977 piece entitled “Why I Quit the Klan” refers to the way in which nature and nurture helped to created a distinctive world view within the mind of the author (Ellis 186). However, as he came to see the world for what it was and had his own experiences, not those that were foisted upon him as the result of a segregated environment that had a morally bankrupt view of the world, the error of his ways was easily discovered and he opted to strike out on his own and define a new path for engaging with society. Essentially, both nature and nurture play a powerful role; so much so that any individual that champions one over the other is clearly somewhat clueless about both.
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