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Critical Thinking Reflection - Essay Example

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In its effort to ensure the rate of paucity will not even come nearer to what it is today in the future, each government of the day ought to be revising minimum of its citizens to at least $10.00 for an hour (Steenland). This is to ensure people can adequately rely on themselves…
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Critical Thinking Reflection
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Extract of sample "Critical Thinking Reflection"

How to Reduce Poverty in the U.S In its effort to ensure the rate of pau will not even come nearer to what it is today in the future, each government of the day ought to be revising minimum of its citizens to at least $10.00 for an hour (Steenland). This is to ensure people can adequately rely on themselves instead of state’s SNAP, which prompts it end up spending much (Steenland). In addition, this action by the state will enable taxpayers save at least $4.6 billion on annual basis, which will also be an advantage to the government. This is because based on studies so far conducted each $1 rise of hourly rate translate to a 30 cent reduction in relying on SNAP benefits (Steenland). Decline in SNAP benefits will translate to the government focusing on other essential economic projects meant to cushion favorable living standards instead of taxing citizens heavily in order to cater for supplementary issues.
Relation of the process of critical thinking
Mainly, this involves both exploring as well as thinking in such a way the predicament or situation facing a person normally appears different than how it would have had an initial pose. This is encompasses seeking alternatives in a move to obtain solutions after analyzing varied assumptions without hastily resulting to ungrounded judgments. In this case, assumption recognition usually entails lodging adequate scrutiny of varied beliefs, which underlie preferred choices meant to resolve a certain problem.
Use of critical thinking?
Its application is extremely essential in both practical life and in resolving scholarly matters. Thinking skills such as creative and critical approach usually are helpful in aiding one express idea in a logical manner and contrary to what numerous people may be assuming is the best alternative in resolving a certain issue. Hence, bring about mental inquiry essential in being creative as well as innovative. However, these skills are not bound to one subject or field because one is able to think and solve problems in any way encountered.
What steps can you take to ensure that you continue to use critical thinking in the future?
To ensure my use of critical thinking in future I need to focus on enhancing own critical approach in each aspect without accepting the ordinary way of perceiving situations. Therefore, I must at least get used to working out different problems during the days.
Steenland, Sally. Faith in Values: How to Reduce Poverty and Save Taxpayers $4.6 Billion Per Year. Center for American Progress. 19Th March 2014. Web. 21St September 2014. Read More
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