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Summary / Evaluation / Response to Stress: Portrait of a Killer - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The essay explains through various studies the rate of stress in human beings compared to some primates and what the effects of these increased stress levels are. The ultimate issue is that stress is caused by social ranks or hierarchy in society.
The study conducted by…
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Summary / Evaluation / Response to Stress: Portrait of a Killer
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Extract of sample "Summary / Evaluation / Response to Stress: Portrait of a Killer"

Response to Stress: Portrait of a Killer Introduction The essay explains through various studies the rate of stress in human beings compared to some primates and what the effects of these increased stress levels are. The ultimate issue is that stress is caused by social ranks or hierarchy in society.
Study/Finding 1
The study conducted by professor Marmot of the people in British civil service reveals that the higher the status of an individual, the lower the risk of getting stress-related diseases. The general finding is that people in the lower social gradient are prone to higher mortality rates than those in the higher social gradient. The study findings serves to explain why people in lower ranking jobs die prematurely of stress diseases and this should let such people take good care to reduce the stress. I have seen that the lower rank workers are higher prone to stress but did not understand why but now that I have the knowledge, I will start explaining their high risk and help them try reduce the stress.
Study/Finding 2
Dr. Sapolsky explains the finding that people who feel that they lack control, lack social support systems or feel trapped in life are more prone to high levels of stress. This is so because these are psychological distress and they turn on the stress levels. The significance of the study is that people may be suffering from the same stress-related illnesses or may be in the same stressing environment but the presence of social support and locus of control reduces their stress levels. These studies are important as they provide advice on how to reduce stress levels and even tell others how they can reduce their stress levels as well.
Study/Finding 3
Dr. Sapolsky further explains findings that when the stress levels increases and even worsens, the general health of the individual is affected to a level of getting some health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunctions, appetite changes, depression and memory loss among many others. These findings serve as a warning to people that the stress affects their lives in more ways than one knows and their general health is affected more. This therefore means that people should not allow the stress levels to worsen. The findings are shocking and will assist in making me change my lifestyle and find more ways to reduce the stress in order to avoid more health complications.
How can this information help people in contemporary society? What programs / initiatives, if any, could be implemented to help with our stress epidemic?
Based on the information presented, what would you suggest people do to counteract stress? Explain how the research supports your solutions.
What new directions would you like to see this research go in now?
People need the knowledge from these study findings in order to understand the health complications that stress can bring about and how prolonged stress can even be a cause of death. This is knowledge that people need to understand and pay close attention to and try to avoid it as much as possible. The findings also provide ways that the stress levels can be avoided through ways such as having social support and establishing control of one’s life. People at the risk factors such as those in lower social ranks should form or join social support groups in order to support each other to reduce stress. People should also laugh more as this counteracts the stress levels as happiness reduces the stress hormones. This research should be made worldwide and implemented in all countries.
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Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008). Retrieved from: Read More
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