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Native American - Term Paper Example

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The Native Americans constitutes two percent of the entire population. Among these individuals are the Paleo-Indians who migrated into America and spread out into the…
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Native American
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Extract of sample "Native American"

Native Americans Majority Native Americans usually base their origin in Spanish speaking countries such as Argentina and Canada. The Native Americans constitutes two percent of the entire population. Among these individuals are the Paleo-Indians who migrated into America and spread out into the state and diversifying into hundreds of distinct tribes and nations. I learned that the term Indian was developed by Christopher Columbus in his tour of East Indies, in the Asian states. Usually the Native Indians were hunters and gatherers and majority of them practice agriculture and aquaculture.
I have noted that another major group included in the Native Americans is the African Americans also known as black Americans or Negroes. It includes descendants of captured Americans whose ancestors migrated into the territories that are currently known as United States. I have clearly seen that the ancestors were slaves brought from Africa or Caribbean states during the era of slave trade in the 17th century (William, 1969).
I think that slavery remains to be one of the biggest challenges that American native faced in the mid 17th century. The prisoners of war would be captured by major African states and later on sold to American slave traders who would then transport them to work in plantations. I have noted that many slaves were restricted in their movements. In their transportation they would be chained down or stacked like wooden logs to prevent them from combining into mutiny. Once they arrived at their destination they were branded, and taken to the plantation. They would work for 18 hours a day where the whole family would work on the farm including the elderly, the sick and young children. Also, after reading, I realized that the freedom of worship was also denied to slaves where they were forcefully converted to Christianity without change of their status as slaves. The slaves were forced to grow crops, and keep chicken for their source of food to prevent dependency on the planters. They were restricted from selling any food and they were denied the right to education.
I clearly see that the result of slavery included slave revolt where slaves would try to escape, despite harsh penalties by the planters. As the white planters benefited from free labor and slavery, a culture of racism and ethnic rivalry emerged where the society would undermine the Black and Asian communities. I clearly ascertain that this resulted from social superiority and technological advantage of the white planters over the black slaves (William, 1969).
While I was reading, I realized that continuous slavery resulted to colonization of African as well as Caribbean states. Currently, neo-colonialism and imperialism still exists where the United States continuously influence major decisions of other economically weaker states. Moreover, I learned that the deployment of United State military troops to African continent to ensure global realignment has been described by analysts as a form of neocolonialism. In addition, heavy United States military presence in oil rich Arab states like Afghanistan.
In conclusion, until now, I have noticed that the negative effects of slavery and oppression of the Native Americans is still in effect. I am sure that racism has resulted into emotional trauma being felt by generations of the society in the form of members of a given community feeling undervalued and being treated unfairly in terms of employment, healthcare, education and other opportunities that can improve the living standards of the underprivileged individuals (Welburn, 1). It has also limited the interaction between groups or communities by creating fear, discomfort and/or resentment therefore limiting the collective contribution of the citizens resulting to minimal development and economic success of a state (Welburn, 1)
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Welburn, Ron. A Most Secret Identity. Native American Assimilation and Identity Resistance in African America.
William, Loren Katz. The Black West. New York: Arno Press/New York Times, 1969. Print. Read More
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