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What is about 'mercy killing' - Essay Example

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In order to alleviate this pain some measures have been developed against them. However, some diseases make patients to have a lot of that is not only unbearable but also very disturbing to the people around…
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What is about mercy killing
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Download file to see previous pages The base of democracy or fundamental human rights mean individuals free will and rights. If so, giving a right to choose pleasant death to a person is also needed. Along the path from life to death, it is essential to choose the way and timing according to ones own faith about death. I am of the opinion that euthanasia should not be allowed unless a patient is very much pain that can end up killing them.
Euthanasia has elicited a big debate across the countries in the world whereby some approve the practice while others detest it. These reactions are based on the view that people take towards the practice based on their cultures and traditions. In my cultural context, euthanasia is considered the same as killing another person. A life of a person is very precious, it is a like a taboo that a person should not terminate the life of another irrespective of the means used. There are some areas where euthanasia is totally banned such that even the patient cannot seek it. I do not think is right because the patient knows what they are going through. The procedure of ‘mercy killing’ it is not popular across many populations, therefore it skips the minds of many to imagine whether such a procedure is ever done anywhere in the world. I initially never though there was ever such a procedure until I went to high school. In most cases, the less developed parts of the world have very little awareness on this procedure. However, in the developed world, people are very much aware and at times patients request the procedure to be done to them. In this regard, there is no option other that the doctor heed to the patient’s need if the laws allow it.
Myself included, a majority of the people have some basic understanding of euthanasia. Across the population, it is important that people understand what this procedure entails; this is because very few are able ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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