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I noticed a four year child with brown hairs who was ready to take part in the race with his two other fellows. The reason for which this child grabbed my attention was his very aggressive…
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Preschooler observation
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Physical Development At the time when I reached to the center, all children were playing in groups. I noticed a four year child with brown hairs who was ready to take part in the race with his two other fellows. The reason for which this child grabbed my attention was his very aggressive expressions and a very recessive physique compared to his fellows. Whereas, in this age group the children are bigger and stronger and are more skilled (Berger, p. 166-167). I asked the teacher about the name of that child and she answered “he is Jacob”. He was about 30 lbs and 35 inches high. Among his fellows he was looking aggressive and a bit ailing (Berger, p.210-212). The three were standing in a row while about four or five children were motivating them to start the race. One of them count up to three and the race begun.
Cognitive Development
Jacob fell to the ground and lost the race, but his reaction was very unnatural. He started crying and called himself a loser who cannot win anything. I approached him and asked why he is crying? He replied quickly that I am a loser because I didnt win the race and I never wins, furthermore, that "all my mates think I am a loser in light of the fact that I always cry. They make fun of me for my crying." I attempted to console him and let him know I did not think he was a loser. He was just assuming himself a loser on the basis of his past experiences but have no logical understanding (Berger, p. 182). I told him that his friends were playing with colorful cards while he was trying to climb rings. This made him tired while his fellows were relaxed and full of energy. Some of his friends called him to play with them, but he refused and remained crying. I tried to convince him that his friends are still eager to play with him because for them he is their friend not a loser. He was hard to convince because at the time he was relating many other things to his failure, perhaps the behavior of his parents, siblings and caregivers (Berger, p. 216).
His attitude made me think about his family and I assumed that he is from a family where his parents are too busy to spend time with him and his elder siblings may tease him and discourage him in doing things.
Social/Emotional Development
Jacob’s social and emotional behavior was influenced by his fellows at the center. His fellows won the race and this made him cry and aggressive that why he didn’t win the race. His stressed reaction showed that he never got encouragement from others, hence he strongly believed that he cannot win as he has no traits of winners. At this age group, children are open to learn new things, behaviors and attitudes from their peers and parents and these behaviors are affecting the social and cultural growth of a child (Berger, p. 216). After recess, when the class was resumed I noticed that Jacob was not responding to the teacher. I felt that his parents are not paying full attention to him and if the problem was not resolved immediately this would make his personality introvert (Berger, p. 184).
Berger, Kathleen Stassen. Invitation To The Life Span. 2nd ed. Print, 2002. Read More
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