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The citizens of the districts are forced to work for the welfare of the people of Capital against their will. The leaders of Panem do everything they…
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Discussion about hunger game
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­­­­­­FORUM POST #4 In the 12 districts of Panem, the citizens live under extreme conditions and the government of Panem treats them with disregard. The citizens of the districts are forced to work for the welfare of the people of Capital against their will. The leaders of Panem do everything they can to make sure that the district citizens are reliant on Capital for food and supplies hence making them their slaves. The social injustice inflicted on the district people is so much that district 13 rebels against the Panem leadership. Human rights are so violated among the district residents that the Capital residents see them as lesser humans. Children are being abused and lives taken just for entertainment purposes.This inhuman acts by the leaders of panama and the resident of Capital demonstrate disregard of human rights and social injustice of the highest order. The District residents are viewed as so much inferior human being to an extent that they don’t see anything wrong with making their children kill each other to entertain them.
Theme of Power and Inequality
The government of Panem holds all the power over the districts and they rule with finality and totality. The districts resident has no say in matters concerning their governance and the government imposes on them whatever they want regardless of their feelings about it. The government keeps District resident on their knees by warning them of how miserable their lives will be if they rebel against it. The people are forced to live under hostile conditions like fighting among themselves, deny them freedom of movement and joining forces was criminalized among district residents.
The book shows how different the lives of those who has power (Capitals) was to the inferior class (the district).When Katniss refuse to kill Peeta or join forces with Rue, she defies the rule of capital and this meant she was to be severely punished as she belonged to an inferior class of people in that society. Here inequality of different classes of people in this society is clearly demonstrated. Read More
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