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Any person watching the video will find themselves in a position where they have no option but to feel pity for the animals in the video for the treatment that they have been subjected to by human…
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Persuasion The ASPCA commercial has many aspects that adhere to the pathos argument. Any person watching the video will find themselves in a position where they have no option but to feel pity for the animals in the video for the treatment that they have been subjected to by human beings.
The evidence of the use of emotional appeals in the commercial is the use of animals in bad physical state. On seeing the images viewers find themselves having pity for the animals. The commercial does not use logic to prove that the status in which the animals used in the commercial are in are as a result of being mistreated by human beings. Instead, they take advantage of the fact that people will feel sorry for animals and thus be forced by their emotional situation to believe that indeed human beings have been mistreating animals (Quist 101). One of such images is that of the limping dog.
To help in capturing the viewers’ emotions, the commercial uses vivid language to present the image of exactly what the animals go through in the hands of brutal human beings. An example of vivid language in the commercial is when Sarah McLachlan, one of the ASPCA supporters claims that animals that had been victims of violence are out there calling for help.
Most of the words and phrases that used in the commercial are aimed at appealing to the viewers emotionally instead of intellectually. This is because the main aim of the commercial is to emotionally connect the viewers to whatever the animals might be going through in terms of brutality. A good example the use of emotional language is the phrase which says that, “for hundreds of others help came late”.
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Quist, Nanna F. On Purpose: Rhetorical Analysis of Non-Fiction. Kbh.: Gyldendal, 2009. Print. Read More
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