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Pros and cons of technology - Essay Example

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Even in the present scenario, the immense innovation in this field leads to constant development of this technology so as to combat disadvantages and bring…
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Pros and cons of technology
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Extract of sample "Pros and cons of technology"

Pros and Cons of Computer Technology Computer technology is one of the greatest inventions that has been a significant element to change the world forever. Even in the present scenario, the immense innovation in this field leads to constant development of this technology so as to combat disadvantages and bring better effectiveness. Computer technology has both pros as well as cons, however, in the modern world, its use is nearly seen in every sector as well as even in households, schools and colleges. The pros are that computer reduces manual labor, saves time, brings better efficiency of tasks performed, helps in complex calculations, does work incredibly faster than a human can, does work with great “accuracy”, facilitates “storage” of different kinds of files and information on the computer etc (Vogt, 2014, pp. 1).
Other advantages include its usability, that is, it is now used in modern businesses for e-commerce, it is used in classrooms as a tutor, it provides an immense amount of information with the help of internet, it facilitates communication without having to meet the other party face to face etc. The cons of computer technology basically stem from the fact that it is not independent on its own, it does need some human interaction and intervention. The “high cost” of purchasing the computer technology, that is, various items that come with it such as modems and internet connection, may also be seen as a con (Vogt, 2014, pp. 1). Computers may breakdown, and this will affect the smooth functioning of business enterprises or educational institutions alike. Furthermore, the growing addiction of humans, especially children to computer technology is a concerning factor. It also puts several people out of jobs, for instance, the closing of book stores, since most books are bought and even read on computer technology such as with Kindle.
Vogt, C. (2014). Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Computer Technology in Decision Making. Small Business - Retrieved 17 September 2014, from Read More
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