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The author of the paper declares that during the period of studying, he has enjoyed and benefited a lot from your classes, which he took with you. He has obtained enough experience to be able to develop his abilities. He always tried to demonstrate my answers in strong logical and precise manners. …
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An Email Asking for Recommendation
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Extract of sample "An Email Asking for Recommendation"

First and Recommendation Request Dear ___, During the period of studying, I have enjoyed and benefited alot from your classes, which I took with you. I have obtained enough experience to be able to develop my abilities. I always tried to demonstrate my answers in strong logical and precise manners. I approached the solutions in the innovative ways by consulting different journals and recent publications. I always worked well on the presentations and prepared them in order to interest the audience, the class. I was able to carry out independent researcher and projects, which brought me much valuable experience. You, as my professor, might know me well and have a regard of my capabilities in order to write a recommendation letter for me.
I am a person with the lively curiosity in business and seeking a guidance on competing effectively for internship in the Farmer School of Business in Miami University. I am interested in the organization called CABO, which is the China-America Business Organization that works as a networking program between the students from China and other countries. They are studying business in the Farmer School of Business and have an interest in doing business in China. A CABO organization works with other multi-national business institutions. Its staff cooperate with the other professionals in order to increase the level of education of its members outside the class studies. A CABO organization tries to create such opportunities for students so they could succeed in international business; it creates job opportunities, offers internship programs in China and the U.S. and facilitates communication between students from China and U.S. For me personally, it is a great opportunity to develop my professional and personal sides.
I have attached my resume, which will show you my recent accomplishments outside the classroom. In my cover letter, you will also see my concrete goals I have set to achieve.
Please let me know if you are comfortable to discuss any questions and provide me with the further information, which will help you to write your recommendation.  Can we meeting during your office hours to discuss this further?
Thank you for taking the time to review this request.
"Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities." - Farmer School of Business. Web. 7 Sept. 2014. Read More
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