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Though the novel initially gives the notion that he is lacking in the quality of bravado and exceptional skills in fighting, the novel gradually reveals that he possesses qualities like selflessness, compassion,…
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Book reflection
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Forum Post 3 In the novel, Peeta appears as the best character to be described. Though the novel initially gives the notion that he is lacking in thequality of bravado and exceptional skills in fighting, the novel gradually reveals that he possesses qualities like selflessness, compassion, and true love. To illustrate, one can see that even as a child he is willing to give two freshly baked loaves of bread to Katniss against the will of his mother. This selflessness and sympathy are beyond the understanding of a common human being, and only befit a hero. That is the reason why Katniss says, “Why Peeta took a beating to give me the bread on that awful hollow day…” (Collins 297). In addition, his love towards Katniss is altruistic. That is the only reason why he joins tributes from other districts so that he can better understand their strategies and protect her. Though even Katniss fails to understand this sacrifice, he silently surrenders his own life for her protection. Unlike other traditional heroes, he neither possesses nor boasts about his own skills. Instead, he has a clear idea about his own inadequacies and expresses the same very often. Haymitch rightly says, “He has a sort of self-deprecating humor naturally” (Collins 117). Thus, Peeta appears as the epitome of true love and sacrifice in the novel.
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Admittedly, Katniss and Peeta’s love story is considerably different from the traditional ones. Being an altruistic lover, Peeta sacrifices his own life for Katniss’ safety though he knows that she is more attached to Gale. Similarly, Katniss is taken away by his selfless love and is in a dilemma as to whom to reject. She says “…want to tell him how much I already miss him. But that wouldn’t be fair on my part” (Collins 366). Thus, both of them love each other though they are aware about the uncertainty that exists. In normal Hunger Games, only one tribute wins. However, this narrative allows both the tributes from District 12 to survive. Haymitch encourages the love because he knows that this love will help them win the sympathy of Capitol and also that both Katniss and Peeta require the company of each other for survival. Evidently, the romance narrative has an impact on the viewers. To illustrate, by showing that they were “madly in love” (Collins 350), Katniss is able to get the forgiveness of the Capitol for her showing up in the arena. In addition, the Capitol acknowledges the victors as humans. Usually for the victors, the Capitol arranges “a single, ornate chair” (Collins 354) but the love story makes it arrange “a plush red velvet couch” which can be called a “love seat” (Collins 354) for both of them to sit together. The true acts of sacrifice and love exhibited by the tributes win over the hearts of the viewers and even the Capitol has to acknowledge it. Thus, the love story encourages rebellion. Read More
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