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the Quran as well as secondary laws that in most cases vary depending on the school of jurisprudence. For instance, Saudi Arabia is predominantly practices…
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Patriarchy in daily life
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Patriarchy in Daily Life Women in Islam dominated regions have been guided by for thousands of years by the mainIslamic sources of laws e.g. the Quran as well as secondary laws that in most cases vary depending on the school of jurisprudence. For instance, Saudi Arabia is predominantly practices Islamic religion, pre-Islamic cultural custom complements religious guidelines.
These customs and religious guidelines have influenced various phases of the women’s life in this society e.g. her education, marriage, birth control, employment opportunities to mention a few highlighted in the CNN article. This is majorly due to the sharia, which outlines and controls the way a Muslim woman should be accustomed to live her life (Elwazer and Maktabi). Sharia rules in this institution have clearly spelt out between the difference between men’s and women’s roles, obligations, and rights. For instance, women are not allowed to be behind the wheels or women cannot leave the house without informing their husbands.
Saudi Arabia is without doubt a patriarchal institution evidenced by the numerous legislation that has been enacted to give men an upper hand in almost all decisions that affect their women. The article reveals how women in the society are mandated to stay at home leaving them exclusively dependent on their men. Additionally, Saudi Arabia is also among the few states that lacks female legislators. Solely their male counterparts, conforming to definition of patriarchy, do all laws being enacted in parliament. Similarly, women have to have their husband consensus on issues such as family planning. Furthermore, like many other Islamic states, the article indicate how women face restrictions in education opportunities and only promote. Patriarchy is still profound in the society, which is revealed by the oppression that Muslim women undergo.
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Elwazer, Schams, and Rima Maktabi. Saudi Women: Pampered Or Oppressed?. CNN. N.p., 2012. Web. 4 Sep. 2014. Read More
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