An analysis and interpretation of the texts, and how they both use radical feminism in different to make recommendations of what - Essay Example

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Student Full s Full Name & Descriptive Title Date Submitted Gender Inequality: A Structural Problem Both articles: “Patriarchal Sex” by Robert Jensen and “Why Men Batter Their Wives” by James Ptacek argued that gender equality is unimaginable in a society dominated by patriarchal ideology of male dominance…
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An analysis and interpretation of the texts, and how they both use radical feminism in different to make recommendations of what
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"An analysis and interpretation of the texts, and how they both use radical feminism in different to make recommendations of what"

Meaning, to satisfy men’s need like sex, even consensual, is in itself an act of women oppression, because it is done not on equal terms. Similarly, women’s failure to satisfy men’s need is an act of aggression that has to be curtailed violently to reinforce male dominance. I agree that the patriarchal ideology of male dominance is the single ideological construct that explains men’s violence against women (Ptacek 105) and that turns sex into an oppressive act (Jensen 99). However, I argue that the problem of gender inequality, specifically male dominance over women, is not only ideological in nature but structural. Thus, I disagree that avoiding sex or striving for impotency is achieving justice as Jensen argued. To me, this is not resolution at all, because it does not confront the problem head on; it simply denies human sexuality. It is true that patriarchal ideology drives men to dominate women in the sense that individuals act following their consciousness. Jensen’s explanation of patriarchal sex provides strong evidence as to how this ideology distorts men’s understanding of sex into a mere act of fuck. It doesn’t matter whether sex is consensual or forced because in any which way, sex is meant only to gratify male’s erotic need and to impress male’s dominance over women (99). ...
Such view is logical in the context of patriarchal sex. However, sex may not necessarily be patriarchal even in a patriarchal society. Although Jensen is not sure about this, yet hoped for this, he himself was in fact enlightened by feminist women and even men. Thus a new perspective on sex, where human sexuality is realized in an equal gender relationship is highly possible. At this point, it is useful to reiterate Jensen’s own words: “… we can think of patriarchy as being like concrete in the city. It covers almost everything. It is heavy and seemingly immovable and it paves the world. The daily wear and tear produces cracks, and in those cracks, plants grow – weeds, grass, sometimes a flower. They resist the totality of concrete.” (102) However, an ideology cannot become powerful in the absence of social institutions perpetrating it. In fact, this was recognized by Ptacek in his study, saying that the “failure to treat violence against women as a crime must be understood as a structural aspect of the criminal justice system” (155). The institutionalization of patriarchal ideology is also demonstrated by Ptacek as to how men’s violence against women is ignored and justified by women themselves and the society as a whole. Ptacek’s use of terms such as “abusive men”, “batterers”, “wife beating” (133) strongly denotes the view that gender inequality is more than a psychological and sociological problem; it is structural. Meaning, men’s violence against women is in reality not due to loss of control or being provoked by women. The study clearly revealed that it is intentional and goal-oriented. This Read More
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(An Analysis and Interpretation of the Texts, and How They Both Use Essay)
An Analysis and Interpretation of the Texts, and How They Both Use Essay. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1461502-an-analysis-and-interpretation-of-the-texts-and.
“An Analysis and Interpretation of the Texts, and How They Both Use Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/gender-sexual-studies/1461502-an-analysis-and-interpretation-of-the-texts-and.
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