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Being a single child, I love my parents and take care of them. This is where I have learned how to be responsible and handle negative situations in life in a positive manner. My maturity level is very…
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Describe Yourself
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I am senior in high school who is the only child in a nuclear family. Being a single child, I love my parents and take care of them. This is where I have learned how to be responsible and handle negative situations in life in a positive manner. My maturity level is very high since I live in the confines of mature individuals who make me to have reliable and competent decision making skills on choices that I have to make in life. I have a unique trait of being a fast learner since I am keen on new information and I grasp concepts quickly while in the classroom (Admission writing 1). I love interacting and socializing with others, as well as making new friends, all the time.
I have a keen interest in education and I hope that upon graduation from high school I will get an opportunity to attend Texas A & A University. While in the university, I wish that I study veterinary. This is driven by my dream of becoming a veterinarian in the future. I am sure I will achieve this because I am a go-getter who does not fear any obstacles on the road. I am an active person who has hobbies of cheerleading, playing basketball and tennis and moving fingers on the band equipment. Life has challenges. I am one person who manages personal challenges in an effective manner. I always look at the positive side of things in terms of work performance, which enables me to strive to have a better future in life.
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