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Young reflects the sensational experience of the author during his visit as a tourist to Navajo, tribal park on the Arizona-Utah border to see the full moon rise.
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Response Sheet
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Response Sheet MAJOR THEME The article d, “When the Full Moon Shines Its Magic Over Monument Valley”, penned by John V. Young reflects the sensational experience of the author during his visit as a tourist to Navajo, tribal park on the Arizona-Utah border to see the full moon rise.
In this article, the author, John V. Young is so much fascinated with the scenic beauty of the location and moonrise that he uses imaginative words and phrases to describe it. He finds the location totally different and hence, used the phrase “small change indeed” on seeing the people of that place. Although the main intention of the author was to see the full moon rise, he was attracted so much by the scenic beauty of Navajo that he could not believe what he was experiencing was real. The author reveals his excitement by stating that “all Navajo dwellings face east”. He is so much swayed by the nearby surroundings that he also camped facing the East. When he saw a Navajo girl herding a flock of sheep, he could not resist expressing his feelings towards the dress and ornaments that she wore. He also finds a woolly dog to be different than others under the influence of the moonlit night. Indicating his state as almpst hypothised by the opitate environment, the author himself is unsure whether the girl or the dog that he saw were an illusion or he was really experiencing something different. It was so strong that he compares himself with the wizard of Stonehenge waiting eagerly to see the full moon rise, tempted with the charm and the scenic beauty of the location, the author is filled with thrill and excitement. Illustratively, he could not restrict himself questionning: “Has the Navajo medicine men contrived this for our benefit?” (Young 455-477).
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John V. Young. “When the Full Moon Shines Its Magic Over Monument Valley.” Description (n.d.): 455-477. Print. Read More
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Response Sheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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