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This expository essay discusses the usage of Smartphones by students as they allow them to manage life, stay updated with information and be quick in response. A number of arguments have also been posed in the paper to show differing perspectives regarding the subject…
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IP 4 English
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Smartphones and their Uses for An Expositor Essay of This expository essay discusses the usage of Smartphones by students as they allow them to manage life, stay updated with information and be quick in response. A number of arguments have also been posed in the paper to show differing perspectives regarding the subject matter.
Smartphones and their Uses for Students: An Expositor Essay
The technological advancement in the face of mobile phones or Smartphones is an imperative one in the history of mankind. The mobility of information collection has never been possible before the usage of Smartphones. At one point, people all around the world use Smartphones to stay updated with advanced information but at the same time, it has been made banned in schools where students gain most of their learning experiences. The defenders of Smartphones claim that with the implication of Smartphones in schools, students can stay updated with the current research, they can be could at life management and quick in responding to tasks. The aim of this expository paper is to discuss the subject of Smartphone and its usage from different perspective to understand its effectiveness as a technological advancement.
Updating Information
Critics claim that Smartphones can damage the thought process of humans because it can give access to unimportant facts as well. However, on the other hand, it is claimed by the defenders that Smartphones have allowed humans to stay active regarding things around them. In the present world, where billions of facts and figures are exchanged in a single day, it is imperative for everyone to stay aware of the viral information. Students, being the most active learners, can get a lot of benefits by using Smartphones to gain information (Wankel & Blessinger, 2013, p. 50).
Life Management
It is considered that there are roughly 3000 productivity mobile phone applications that are currently being downloaded and used by mobile phone users every day. These phone applications are used by phone users to mark important appointments, tasks, reminders etc. This allows them to stay aware of their responsibilities. At the same time, critics claim that this will make students to rely on Smartphones a lot and not their intelligence. Defenders provide supporting claim that time tables are reasonably used to mark such reminders and tasks already. Smart phones have rather allowed them to stay active more than ever (Wankel & Blessinger, 2013, p. 55).
Active Responses
Critics claim that in order to make a person to be active in meeting deadlines and completing tasks, Smartphones are not needed. Such an assertion is presented because defenders claim that students can stay connected to their tutors and peers to stay active when it comes to learning processes. Mobile phones allow creating a joint group of classrooms where they are active and able to grasp quick learning experience (Wankel & Blessinger, 2013, p. 56).
From the above analysis, it could be well asserted that Smartphones have becomes basic necessity of everyone’s life. Therefore, students must be given a free-hand of using the Smartphones to get a lot of advantages in their day to day routine. They will not just be updated with information but also be quick in response and manage their tasks.
Wankel, L., & Blessinger, P. (2013). Increasing Student Engagement and Retention using Mobile Applications: Smartphones, Skype and Texting Technologies. New York: Emerald Group Publishing. Read More
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