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From the paper "Invention Strategy and Mind Mapping for Expository Essays " it is clear that in order to write an informative paper, it is extremely significant that research questions are set so that they can be answered during the cycle of brainstorming…
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Invention Strategy and Mind Mapping for Expository Essays
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Invention Strategy and Mind Mapping for Expository Essay
This paper aims to discuss the invention strategy i.e. mind mapping to be implemented in order to write the final expository essay. Proper invention strategy and mind mapping would be taken into consideration before writing the expository essay.
Mind Mapping
The following paper illustration shows the steps that will be undertaken in order to write the expository essay. Firstly, the usage of Smartphones will be studied from a general perspective. Usage of Smartphones would be researched by keeping in mind that it is one of the significant technological advancements that have taken place[Mut07]. Secondly, problem will be evaluated for the respective argumentation to be conducted in the final paper. This will involve the critics that have posed their claims against the subject. Thirdly, a clear thesis will be used by carefully looking at the prospects of using Smartphones. Three definite claims will be placed within the thesis statement. Finally, the paper introduction will carefully integrate the manner in which the discussion will be carried.
Understanding the background to context i.e. usage of Smartphones among the masses (General)
Understanding problem statement
Possible issues concerning the use of Smartphones
Introduction to both the schools of thought
Critics claiming that the negative impact of Smartphones are in terms of reliance
Defenders claiming that the positive impact of Smartphones is in terms of connectivity and updated information
Thesis Statement: Single Position taken on smart phones
1. Usage of Smartphones should flexible for students because of quick response, life management and update information.
Paper Mapping: Discussion paragraphs/Specifics
Illustration 1: Mind mapping before writing the actual paper
In order to write an informative paper, it is extremely significant that research questions are set so that they can be answered during the cycle of brainstorming. Following are some of the research questions that will be used in order to write the final paper.
What are the three main benefits of using Smartphones during school life?
What could be the possible claims against the use of Smartphones posed by critics?
Is it easy to get information updated through phones?
Is not there any other possible manner to set reminders for tasks and meetings?
Can quick conversation and communication bring better learning experience?
Table 1: List of Questions to be answered
Thesis Statement
The defenders of Smartphones claim that with the implication of Smartphones in schools, students can stay updated with the current research, they can be could at life management and quick in responding to tasks.
1. Subtopic: Life management
It is considered that there are roughly 3000 productivity mobile phone applications that are currently being downloaded and used by mobile phone users every day. These phone applications are used by phone users to mark important appointments, tasks, reminders etc
2. Subtopic: Updated Information
Students can download quick information.
3. Subtopic: quick Response
Communication can become quite easy.
Groups and chat forums will allow students to undertake course coordination.
Mut07: , (Muthesius, 2007), Read More
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