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The most common technique that women undertake in a move to lose weight is by going on diet. This is the process whereby one restrains…
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Letter to the editor
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Does Dieting Make You Fat? Studies show that many people wish to have a slender appearance; hence, they go against all odds in a move to achieve this ambition (Burne). The most common technique that women undertake in a move to lose weight is by going on diet. This is the process whereby one restrains herself from eating by consuming only small amounts of food. Although many people believe that dieting causes weight loss, this is not the case. According to Burne, dieting makes one fat.The amount of food one consumes does not affect his or her weight, what matters is the quantity of calories consumed.
Does dieting cause weight loss?No, dieting does not cause weight loss, on the contrary it is the main contributor of obesity among many people. The reason as to why dieting results to weight gain instead of weight loss is that by not eating, one is bound to get hungry. Whereas people that are not dieting eat only once, this is not the case for persons on diet. This is because unlike their counterparts not on diet, these people consume little food but on several occasions (Brune). Hence, at the end of the day such people end up consuming more than those who are not on diet.
People on diet have the belief that fats cause obesity; hence, they avoid food enriched with fats and opt for carbohydrates. According to Brune, this ends up doing more harm than good to those on diet. Studies show that too much consumption of carbohydrates promotes the increase in blood sugar levels causing high insulin levels. Insulin is directly responsible for increase of fat storage in the body. It is therefore evident that instead of weight loss, dieting plays a major role in weight gain.
In relation to dieting, there are a number of explanations as to why dieting is not the best option when it comes to weight loss.
Dieting craves appetite whereby one becomes more gullible than before.
Dieting exposes one’s hormones to a lot of pressure hence making them behave like there are starving and in dire need of food (Naish).
Dieting is never long term; it only lasts for a maximum period of six months after which a person regains his or her former shape.
Although many researchers claim dieting does more harm than good to one’s body, not everyone is in agreement with this claim. This is because some researchers claim that dieting indeed causes weight loss. For instance, according to Yuhnke (2), there are certain types of food that if consumed could result to cutting of calories. According to Yuhnke, some of the foods that one ought to consume while on diet include Egg-Tofu, Sandwich pepper and Sardines pepper.
Dieting is the process where one restrains from the normal consumption of food in a move to reduce his or her weight. Although many people have the perception that dieting results to weight loss, it is not the case. This is because studies show that dieting makes one fat instead of slim. The reason why dieting promotes weight gain is because it triggers body hormones hence making them behave as if they are starving and are in dire need of food.
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