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S.O.A.P Analysis For Henry David Thoreau's Brute Neighbors - Essay Example

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In the opening paragraph he tells the reader that his friend came from the city to live with him, which indicates that the author himself must have lived in the city at one point. From the…
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S.O.A.P Analysis For Henry David Thoreaus Brute Neighbors
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Extract of sample "S.O.A.P Analysis For Henry David Thoreau's Brute Neighbors"

Download file to see previous pages The piece looks like a journal entry, and has a laidback, slow paced style, which shows that the author wrote it as a form of meditative activity. The author has a great respect for the natural world, which he wishes to share with people who may or may not have encountered this type of lifestyle. [80 words]
The essay is aimed mostly at the city dweller, somebody with little familiarity with life in the woods but is interested to know what it is like. The description of the landscape, the birds and animals, and the authors meditative thoughts and the comparison between the animal and human world are more of interest to the person educated in the city, with some level of higher education. Also, the historical references are more likely to be understood by somebody with this background. [83 words]
The essay was written to familiarize people about the natural world. The second purpose is to share the insights into human nature gained through observing nature. The speaker is in a relaxed state of mind, but minutely observes the natural world around him and informs the audience of everything that is going on in the world that he is living in currently. Sometimes the author uses short sentences and exclamation marks to describe the happenings around him and draw the reader into the story. [84 words]
The speaker starts by reporting a conversation between him and a friend who came over to stay for a few days. The conversation, between a hermit and a poet, sets the pace for the rest of the essay. The poet exploring the beauty of nature as opposed to the philosophical vision of the hermit gives an indication of things to come. The rest of the essay discusses the authors meetings with different animals, and the chain of thought each animal sets off in the author, who often compares their activities to that of humans. [93 words]
The author, who refers to himself as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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