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Food Issue - Essay Example

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In the article, Pollan criticizes the food system that American people and government have adopted. The government is shown to emphasize more on petroleum-based food rather than solar-based food (Pollan 1). The…
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Food Issue
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, I would support solar-based agriculture. First, the system has been shown to be prudent in saving energy. In my place, farmers have been spending too much energy that is available to produce crops in the petroleum-based agriculture. Moreover, the solar-based will help in conserving our local environment there will be less use of fertilizers and other forms of chemicals (Pollan 1). Secondly, I would support the solar-based agriculture due to the immense benefit it has on health. This is because the petroleum-based agriculture has led to the production of cheap food that is of low quality. Such food lacks essential nutrients and mostly comprised of fats. The effect has been the rise of various chronic diseases that are costly to the American people (Pollan 1). Thirdly, solar-based agriculture will help the country reduce overreliance of food from other countries. Food from foreign countries may provide a leeway for terrorist activities. Hence, solar-based agriculture will help production of food locally that is free from contamination from the rest of the world (Pollan 1).
Recently, there has been growing interest in the community to shift to local foods and farms. The shift has been based on several reasons. The shift to local food has been mainly due to realization that the food is healthier, nutritious and of quality value. On the other hand, the shift to local farms has been due to the high prices of food produced through local means. In fact, it has come to the attention of the farmers that consumers are willing to pay an extra cash to get locally produced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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