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Letter to the Instructor - Essay Example

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I primarily intend to provide you with a critical analysis of my work in the course of the English classes and further express my personal experiences in relation to the learning process. It is undoubtedly evident how the class lessons have significantly impacted on my…
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Letter to the Instructor
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Extract of sample "Letter to the Instructor"

Letter To The s 26 July, Letter To The Dear Sir/Madam I primarily intend to provide you with a critical analysis of my work in the course of the English classes and further express my personal experiences in relation to the learning process. It is undoubtedly evident how the class lessons have significantly impacted on my communication and writing skills as one of your students.
As a writer, the English classes were instrumental in the realization of my strengths and weaknesses in the writing and communication processes. It is through the classwork and term paper assignments that I became aware of my strengths in the development of literary concepts and critical analysis of article, journals and novels. Similarly, your classes provided me with opportune period to improve on my grammatical weaknesses such as punctuation and sentence structures. The awareness of my strengths and weakness as a writer have facilitated my personal development through optimization of my excellent skills and mitigation of my writing weaknesses.
I was most driven and pleased by the narrative essay among the four forms of essay that we covered in the course work. The utmost level of creativity and anecdote pertaining to the narrative essay demanded prolific and versatile writing skills from the writers hence I found it more interesting to work on. On the other hand, summary and response essays did not elicit my creativity and hence were less pleasing to me. In addition, summary and response essays proved cumbersome as one had to critically understand the subject topic and related metadata such as the author’s name and the context of the narrative.
Additionally, my examination of the four forms of essay that we covered, revealed varied level of difficulty for each. Personally, I classified the narrative essay as the most complex and challenging. The skill of conceptualization which is the foundation of every spectacular literary work was highly demanded in the development and completion of the narrative essay. Closely related to the narrative essay was the explanation of the concept a research paper which was basically the theoretical framework of a research paper. The theoretical framework is characterized by robust research concerning information from other sources, theories and concepts pertain to the subject topic, followed by elaborate synthesize and synergy of the varied information to develop a single holistic viewpoint. I found the difficulty level of the summary and response essay to be moderate. Unlike other forms of essays, I was readily provided with materials to undertake a summary and response essay, hence I was only required to understand the subject essay provided and further utilize my judgement to respond accordingly. The least difficult essay was the point of view essay. As a prolific writer, critic of an authors point of view demanded less effort on my part.
I was further impressed by your formulation and execution of the class format. The class format facilitated adequate participation of every member of the class without direct or indirect subjection of the students to intimidations or neglect. Your consistent issuance of the term paper assignments and timely feedback further enhanced our writing skills in the selected forms of essays. Surprisingly, the detail, aptness and encompass of your notes were also satisfactory to the extent that additional research was unnecessary. Your class notes provided me with the most updated and in depth analysis of the varied forms of essays. In particular, your usage of the email was highly economical on our part as students and also facilitated timely delivery of the class notes.
In addition to the class notes and lectures, your textbook aided me significantly on my grammar and sentence structuring skills. The textbook also exposed me to additional forms of academic and official writings that would be a prerequisite in the writing career market. Furthermore, the book was pertinent in my critical analysis of your class lectures and notes in comparison to documented information on the same subjects discussed in the course your lectures.
Based on my critical analysis of the your English classes, it emerges that the course has significantly enhanced my writing and communication skills and further developed my personal awareness thus preparing me for further improvement.

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(Letter to the Instructor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2)
Letter to the Instructor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
“Letter to the Instructor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2”, n.d.
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