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Comparison of two articles about bias in the News Media - Essay Example

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This essay describes two essays aptly titled “Bias in the News Media” and “News Media Assumptions about Language and Discourse” make a case against lack of objectivity in the broader media practice All media forms practice large-scale bias and lack objectivity…
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Comparison of two articles about bias in the News Media
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Extract of sample "Comparison of two articles about bias in the News Media"

Download file to see previous pages The profession of a journalist, albeit regulated by its own set of regulations and ethical guidelines, is not an exception. Journalists, just like everyone else, carry intrinsic biases which are structurally transmitted to their work environment. The author of the “Bias in the News Media” article coins the name frames to refer to this structural formations. The frames reference suffices because it is through such structures that journalists literally frame the messages that are carried in new media outlets such as television. It is the presence of these biases that always influences how the message is packaged. The author of “Bias in the News Media” then proceeds to list the various types of biases that influence how news is packaged by broadcast journalists and the possible causes for these biases. Notably, biases are popular in broadcast journalism because of the commercial nature of the media business. Capitalism dictates that only those messages, services or products which are likely to be popular among the majority of the customers should be given a priority. This is undertaken for purposes of profit maximization. The author employs logical rhetoric to further implore the readers that news outlets in their variant forms do introduce biases due to the internal supporting structures which are normally established with the profit maximization motive. According to the essay, the presence of these biases makes it impossible to have media outlets that can be deemed to be objective in news dispensation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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