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Society should be able to determine what level of advancement in technology should be illegal. Breaking grounds is an encouraged tradition in a society built on evidence-based knowledge and practice. The film Transcendence is an ideal example…
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Transcendence: A Movie Analysis Jesus M. Ariza Jr ENG/147 07/21 Richard Kamerman Transcendence: A Movie Analysis Part Thesis: Technology should have governing rules but not to the point that it can hinder the limitless capability of the human mind.
Technology should have limitations. Society should be able to determine what level of advancement in technology should be illegal. Breaking grounds is an encouraged tradition in a society built on evidence-based knowledge and practice. The film Transcendence is an ideal example of the good that can come off technological advancements, as well as the ethical and legal grounds it can break when there are no limits (Paglen, 2014).
Rules governing technology should be updated faster than the development of technology. While very few people may know the features of every technological progress, the public may in turn feel its effects. As a result, laws that regulate these progresses ought to exist in a timely manner. Laws that govern how these progresses work in advance can prevent wide-scale harm.
Ethical concerns should be one of the most significant factors in setting up limitations for technological advancements. In Transcendence, ethical concerns of the technology of singularity are not considered. As a result, setting up limits for the technology displayed in the film becomes difficult. Ethics are the part of the pillars of society (Paglen, 2014). Widespread acceptance of technology should then comply with ethics to avoid causing harm.
The only difference between human beings and other organism as well as machines is consciousness. Consciousness is a vital aspect of human beings considering it differentiates them from machinery and animals. Animals and machine do a myriad of things also done by humans. However, the absence of consciousness limits machinery and animals from knowing when their activities are harming them or their environments.
Biotechnology, which explores the combination of human consciousness and the unlimited capabilities of technology, is stepping on the line where limitations should be set. Transcendence demonstrates how biotechnology violates ethics and limits that humans ought to set when it comes to technology (Paglen, 2014). The film successfully explores human consciousness and its unlimited potential, but the lack of limits is the ultimate cause of destruction.
The movie is an example of humankind’s uncontrollable hunger for experimentation and knowledge to explore the unknown as well as the limitless capability of the mind. Transcendence is a peek into the future when human beings are no longer able to control their urge for knowledge and experimentation (Paglen, 2014). The film openly crosses all ethical and legal thresholds for academia and the social world in an effort to create or solve physical riddles and crack natural laws.
Part 2
There should be governing laws that limit the exploration of technological advancements.
Support 1: Technology should have limitations. Without limits, technology can harm human beings. Certain organizations should make sure experiments and practical theories are not violating any limits that can harm society. This is because some of these harms may overweigh the advantages of the technology (Paglen, 2014).
Support 2: Rules governing technology should be updated faster than the development. A means of ensuring technology does not harm its users and society is by making rules that regulate technology at a quicker pace than technology is evolving itself (Paglen, 2014). Being a step ahead has always proven a proper prevention measure.
Oppose 1: The movie is an example of human’s uncontrollable hunger for experimentation and knowledge to explore the unknown as well as the limitless capability of the mind. More specifically, the consequential technological “blackout” occurs after the virus pervades the entire world. Transcendence protagonists’ desire for experimenting with singularity results in a globe without power and slowly creates dystopia (Paglen, 2014). This is a clear indication of how uncontrollable the desire of the technology’s true potential by its pioneers was in the film.
Paglen, J. (2014). Transcendence. Film. Los Angeles, CA: Alcon Entertainment, DMG Entertainment, and Straight up Films. Read More
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