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Ideally, the French’s inversion of Russia faced a number of challenges that resulted in the death of several soldiers, an aspect that…
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Minard Napoleons disastrous Russian campaign of 1812-1813 was indeed one that would remain in the historical books for a substantive period of time. Ideally, the French’s inversion of Russia faced a number of challenges that resulted in the death of several soldiers, an aspect that reduced their numbers significantly. As shown in the figurative map of Napoleons disastrous Russian campaign of 1812-1813, as drawn by Charles Joseph Minard, it is evident that the army faced a number of challenges that contributed towards the reduced number of soldiers as they moved from the Polish-Russian border near the Niemen River with only 10,000 soldiers making it back to Poland.
In the graphical image by Minard, he uses six organizational patterns in Technical Communication. The six organizational patterns shown in the figurative map of Napoleons disastrous Russian campaign of 1812-1813 include the army size. The army size is ideally the number of individuals in the army at any particular stage during the inversion. Secondly is the location. In the image, there is the location depiction at every stage, showing the reduction progression of the army men. The third organizational pattern shown is that of the direction of the army’s movement. The direction of the army’s movement is clearly shown as the movement progressed from the Niemen River to Moscow.
Other organizational patterns included temperature variance, which also contributed significantly towards the reduction in the number of soldiers as they would not tolerate the low icing temperatures. The various challenges faced, also shown as an organizational pattern in the figure. It mainly identifies the various obstacles that contributed towards the reduction in the number of army men. These included diseases. The last of the organizational pattern observable is unity. The image shows that despite the numerous challenges that were faced by the army men, a majority of them remained unity in forging ahead with the war.
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Corbett John, Charles Joseph Minard: Mapping Napoleons March, Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science, 1861 Read More
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