Finding meaning in Dorianne Laux's Dust - Essay Example

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Published by in 1992 by Dorriane Laux, ‘Dust’ the poem gives a view of the combination of very daily events of one’s life, with the an engaging and flabbergasting intellectualness, which is very aptly equalized from the act of using specific symbols. After reading the…
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Finding meaning in Dorianne Lauxs Dust
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Dust by Dorianne Laux Published by in 1992 by Dorriane Laux, ‘Dust’ the poem gives a viewof the combination of very daily events of one’s life, with the an engaging and flabbergasting intellectualness, which is very aptly equalized from the act of using specific symbols. After reading the poem, the one thought that immediately conquers the mind is that very little and minor happenings of life add up to a major fabric of emotions and history. Furthermore, what Laux tries to indicate through her poem ‘Dust’ is what almost each and every one goes through in our life, if we’ll be honest with ourselves. Hence, in association with the feeling afore mentioned, we will discuss the use of image of God to represent the poet’s inner muse, how the poet state the functioning of human’s mind and lastly the human nature of closing eyes to the truth and opportunities of life.
There are numerous poets who use the imagery, specifically of God to imply certain angles of life and so is the case with Laux’s ‘Dust. She in her third last line “God comes to your window” uses the word God to portray the inner inspiration of hers. It is not God that she is talking about, but the muse that people have within themselves, but choose to ignore it as a result of being maybe unsuccessful in you previous days, conformity or just laziness. Furthermore, people might don’t agree with a specific content of religion such as sin, rewards, punishment, fate or destiny, but the word God does attract a large number of reader and audience as it can be also used in context of culture.
Moving to the next idea that is the functioning of human’s mind, in the whole poem Laux has clearly indicated that the functioning of a human mind is very complex and obtrusive. She illustrates through the first few lines of her poem “Someone spoke to me last night, told me the truth. But I recognized it” tells us that there are moment in an human’s life that they are provided with the truth and it’s that truth which they know relates to them, and for which they try to search for their whole life, but the next phrases implies that when they are in hold of that reality, they do nothing of it. Furthermore, the poem also indicates that during the hardships of life, people usually forget what the truth and reality had been about even if they recognize it. They just remember that there is truth for them or a reality concerning them, but they don’t remember the essence of it.
The last idea connects to the previous one and outlines an intriguing nature of human that is all our lives we run after opportunities and finding truth, but when we are given a chance to both of these platforms, we ignore it. The reason concerning this act of ignorance is that either we are so tired and weary of our life that the opportunity and truth does not matters any more or that we ignore these two phenomena to not complicate our lives anymore and it is already very late.
To conclude the poem, we can state that in a short poem Laux has amalgamated the importance of people truths, realities and their muse. It can be clearly seen that usually we don’t give enough credit to our self and even major factors of our life that is truth and reality, what we instead do is that let it pass by our side or simply turn our face away from it.
Laux, Dorriane. "Dust." AGNI October 1992: 56. Read More
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Finding Meaning in Dorianne Laux'S Dust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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