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Of all things that one could have, I have discovered that love is the most significant, valuable, and precious. I believe that love is the strongest bond that two or more people could share and, more often than not, it enriches…
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What finding meaning in life is for you
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Module What Finding Meaning in Life is for me The most meaningful thing in my life is love. Of all things that one could have, I have discovered that love is the most significant, valuable, and precious. I believe that love is the strongest bond that two or more people could share and, more often than not, it enriches one’s life.
There is one thing that gives everybody meaning in life. People are different; in fact, people are born different. Meaning in life is inherently linked to futures; it is difficult to have a promising future without making sense of one’s life. Siblings may have very different perspectives on life and may find their essence in markedly contrasting aspects (Zimmerman 26). As we transition from childhood to adulthood, our experiences and mental capacities steer us in different directions. For example, in a school with 200 students who go through the same syllabus and share the same experiences, not all of them end up in similar careers. Some will find fulfillment in music, others will be inclined to pursue art, while some will end up settling in politics. In all the students, however, the common denominator is the fact that each of them sees their futures in different areas (Zimmerman 34). Individuals gravitate towards different things when seeking meaning in life, and this is what lead to fulfillment in different aspects.
Meaning in life changes over time, but it can also be rigid. Again, this comes back to individual preferences and character. For example, at some point (e.g., in college) some people seek professional prosperity over other issues. However, once they attained this they start leaning towards other interests that they think are just as important in life. For example, a senior student in college may think, for a long time that getting a good job is the essence of life (Zimmerman 49). However, after building a successful career, the student may discover that having a family is the most important thing in life. As such, the career becomes secondary to family life. Other individuals may discover a newfound passion for business and community service, and then consider this to be the basis for their lives, relegating previous meanings to minor roles.
The essence of a human being is to understand oneself and becoming self-actualized. This is part of finding meaning in life and that is what separates humans from animals. Human beings need to become aware of their surroundings, their priorities, and their trajectories (Zimmerman 83). In general, people who can be classified as having no meaning in life are often less successful than those who can be classified as having meaning in life.
In conclusion, it is safe to say that meaning in life is part of life itself. Everybody has a duty to themselves, their families, and their society to have direction in life. When a child is born, for example, parents usually have very high hopes for them because they expect them to become self-aware and attain their ambitions (Zimmerman 19). And although children may depart from their parents’ and society’s ways, the vital aspect is to understand what they want, accept their choices, and succeed in their endeavors. This is the meaning of life.
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Zimmerman, Shoshana. Ninveh: The Light of Love and the Meaning of Life. New York: Xlibris Corporation, 2014. Print. Read More
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