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Collage - Essay Example

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Physically, we are made of various kinds of bits of cells. As a whole, we are not only physical but we are also composed of pieces of mental, psychological and spiritual aspects. Personally, I believe that I am the past, the present and the…
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Extract of sample "Collage"

Download file to see previous pages Then I thought that since I really cannot run away from my circumstances, I might as well face everything. I braved myself and approached strangers for directions whenever I needed to go to a new place. It felt so good to finally overcome my fears and simply be like everybody else. I felt then that I really belonged to my new environment. Life became more bearable as I learned to deal with other people. I gained new acquaintances who have been very helpful to me as I adjusted to the American lifestyle.
I noticed that there are a lot of foreign students in school. Instead of befriending them, I shied away because I thought that they might have their own friends. Moreover, they might not really be interested in me. Unexpectedly, an American stranger spoke to me, talking about everyday things such as difficulties, struggles accompanied by many good things as well that might simply happen to anybody. She somehow influenced me to change my perspective about new environments. I will be forever grateful to that young woman. We may have talked for just a few minutes but her gesture of taking the first move to really make me feel comfortable was just reassuring. Now, I have befriended some students because of that incident. I did not feel out of place anymore but I have discovered that people are actually accommodating here.
Things have been going quite well in school. I gained a few friends and I find the classes interesting. However, I always fear examinations because they will show how I am performing in class. It is not that I am afraid of the results. What I am more afraid of is how my mother would react to my grades if I fail. You see, Chinese mothers have always been known to demand high performances from their children especially if they are successful in their own fields. Chinese parents always regard the success of their children as a reflection of their own accomplishments so they work hard to make their kids work even harder. In my case, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Collage of Echoes analytical level of interpretation could provide a better justification of the poet’s ideas. In Collage of Echoes, the gender and identity of the persona are not specified, thus for ease of interpretation, one may assume to use the author’s gender. The persona in the poem is doing a self-talk or reflection. In the opening lines, she tells herself, “I have no promises to keep/Nor miles to go before I sleep” (1-2). These lines reveal that the persona has no obligations to accomplish, and no places to visit. Pleased with this thought, she expresses her intention to sleep or relax. Based on this, readers may think of the persona as a busy person, possibly an adult engaged in business, who, at the end of the day tells...
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Art Mediums Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Water Color Painting

... 46-64). Collage making involves a lot of creativity. Pieces can be put together in a number of ways to create two different types of collage; two dimensional collage, and three dimensional collage. When pieces of paper are glued on the canvas or base-board, we get a two dimensional look; this is a 2D collage. Three dimensional look or 3D collage is obtained when broken pieces of wood, glass, stones etc., are glued on a base-board or canvas. As early as 1912, some great artist such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Juan Gris were already doing some amazing collage art (Taylor 164). Just like any other form of art, collage is not difficult once you understand the technique and theme, it only becomes complex or simpler depending...
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...above. They reflect who I am as a person. They define who I am as a husband, a businessman, and a loyal citizen. I am reminded of the words, “Now is a good time to try something new. A refreshing change is in your future” (Wisdom Quotes). This phrase epitomizes my choice of texts in the collage. Now is the time for me to reflect on my future, by understanding my current identity and my understanding of my place in this world. With that in mind, I also chose a simple quote “All on a summer day” (Carroll 1992) to reflect the stage of life I am in now. It is in on orange and turned sideways to indicate that life is a bit chaotic and unsure at the moment as I continue to get a handle of what I will be doing in the future....
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Collage, Photomontage and Hannah Hochs Work: Photo Montage Evolution from its Beginning to Present

... and how it should be used. By understanding the historical context of Modern art, it is possible to trace how Hanna Hoch developed her own artistic approach and made her ideas known. An analysis of one of her artworks demonstrates the ideas she was attempting to convey. This investigation further illustrates how Hoch’s artwork served to influence future artists who also used the medium of photomontage and collage to convey their ideas. Because of Hoch, this particular artistic approach took on a greater cultural and social importance because of the way in which it directly spoke to the major political issues of the day, focusing upon the major hopes and aspirations of the community as Germany underwent profound political change...
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... THE MONOLOGUE People of different walks of life can find themselves at one point looking for one thing; a job. A housepainter, a banker, a house cleaner, they all have different backgrounds but are all looking for one thing. As life unfolds, it is different to different people. It can be because of our own fault, a consequence of our own doing, as for the telephone operator who experiences pain and cramps while at work because of eating baked macaroni. Life can also be due to ‘our bad’ these are the decisions we made unconsciously not knowing that they could have prior consequences in our lives, like the second applicant who never saw the need for going to school and deemed church as more important. She finally gets lost... THE MONOLOGUE...
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Adjustment issues of international student enrolled in american collage and university

...Summary Summary Introduction Araujo conducted a literature research on the of the issues experienced by international s when they enroll in Universities and Collages situated in US (Araujo, 2011, p.3). The researcher figured out that variables that determined the level of issues includes: ability to communicate and write in English language, support which is social in nature, time period already spend in US, perception of discrimination, relationships with citizens of US and home based sickness. Body Araujo figured out those international students who are not fluent in speaking as well as writing in English language experience higher level of stress and higher amount of adjustment issues. The researcher even figured out that adjustment...
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Mental Health assignment SELF Collage

... of advice, encouragements and the support that have made me move well so far. References Balchin, J. (2003). Collage. Chicago: Heinemann Library. Hagan, A. (2007). Personality. Orlando: Harcourt. Keirsey, D., & Bates, M. M. (2004). Please understand me: character & temperament types (5th e.d.). Del Mar, CA: Distributed by Prometheus Nemesis Book C.o. Smith, C. M. (2005). Brownings proverb lore. Waco, Tex.: Baylor University. Wong, D. L., Hockenberry, M. J., & Wilson, D. (2011). Proper nursing care of infants and children (9th e.d.). St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby/Elsevier.... Self-collage Life is very interesting for it gives a provision for all types of interests and people. Iam one of the provisions of nature. As one lives he or...
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Essentials of Public Speaking Fifth Edition Cheryl Hamilton Tarrant country collage-NE Campus

... due: Essentials of Public Speaking Fifth Edition Cheryl Hamilton Tarrant country collage-NE Campus: 8/ 29 working in groups The most vital aspect I have learned in chapter one and four is that public speaking is beneficial to one’s life. As much as we think that speaking is not a necessary or important aspect to our lives; it is and will persist to be as we become successful in our professions, in fact, it will be surprising to us as how much opportunity we will have to give speeches. It is amazing to have the ability and buoyancy to stand in front of a group of people and have an organized, dynamic speech, which the audience will appreciate. Having the knowledge to give speeches can be beneficial to as and to the society (Hamilton 4...
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Self-Portrait Collage

...ention of the audience to me or at least that is the idea. It is hoped that with the variety of images added to the portrait, the audience will have an idea on how diversified and occupied the subject is. The alternate images to complete my portrait served as metaphors or are symbols of how diversified or erratic I can get. I have a lot of interest that occupy my thought and hopefully, I was able to express that in the collage. In rendering the collage, I may be aware of color theory of how contrasting colors can highlight the other and how to achieve balance within the frame but I made some compromise to make the portrait more personal by allowing more spontaneity and self-expression in creating it. This approach is no longer...
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Photo Collage Project Responces

A collage is something that speaks of one particular situation or theme and yet it is composed of many parts.  Thus, an artist doesn’t only take one good shot of a particular scene but of many several scenes because he still has to put it together to make a new harmonious picture. The title of my collage is Desolation; which means something that is unhappy, ugly or deserted. So to start my college I went to different places to take the perfect pictures. I went to Alba, to a power plant, to Sitra, and to many other places. I had fun traveling but it could also be tiring at times. The excitement is always there, however, it could also be frustrating as I always had to explain why I am taking pictures. People tend to becom...
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